Watch This 96-Year-Old Celebrate His Birthday With Deadlifts

The doctor trains CrossFit to stay strong and mobile.

In the final week of October, Dr. Bill Mason celebrated turning 96 years old. But instead of blowing out the candles on a cake, he reached for a barbell in a CrossFit gym.

Two years earlier, Mason suffered a mini-stroke. His brain functions were ok, but his movement was impaired. From then on, he had to rely on a cane to move. The retired doctor was in need of “something to do that occupies [his] time, is interesting, and that [he] can do.” His son trained at CrossFit 782 in Charlottetown, Canada, and so Mason thought that he’d give it a shot. 

After around just five weeks of training in the gym’s “Prime Time” classes — training sessions for seniors — he was already seeing a noticeable improvement in his physical strength. It allowed him to be more capable on his feet. He didn’t even need his cane. 

Check out the interview with Mason, as well as his CrossFit coach Mike Ives — a co-owner CrossFit 782 — from CBC Prince Edward Island’s Facebook page:


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Mason’s effort in the gym doesn’t go unnoticed by the other seniors in the “Prime Time” classes. According to Ives, one classmate who is 26 years younger than Mason looks to him as inspiration to remain physically active for the next several decades. Ives himself echoed that sentiment saying.

I just turned 52, and I look to [Mason] and I say, okay, well I’ve got 44 more years in me when you look at someone like that — hopefully.


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Mason’s future plans are to continue with the effective workouts that involve light dumbbell workouts like overhead presses, supported sit-ups with an abdominal pad, push-ups, pull-ups, and even rowing on an ergometer for some cardio.

When all is said and done with his training, Mason says that he’s ready for a rest. We’d say he’s more than earned one. 

Featured image: @crossfit on Instagram