Alireza Yousefi (+109KG) Clean & Jerks Junior World Record of 239 Kilograms

The Iranian weightlifter beat his previous Junior world record by on kilogram at the 2022 IWF Junior World Championships.

On the final day of the 2022 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Junior World Championships in Heraklion, Greece, Iranian weightlifter Alireza Yousefi put on a record-breaking performance. The superheavyweight won the gold by a 28-kilogram margin and set a new Junior world record clean & jerk of 239 kilograms (526.9 pounds) on May 10, 2022. 
The 18-year-old Yousefi totaled 416 kilograms (917.1 pounds) at an official bodyweight of 190.4 kilograms. He was the heaviest athlete on the roster by a wide margin. Atajan Dayiyev of Turkmenistan, the second heaviest athlete, weighed in officially at 149.95 kilograms. Here are the results of the Junior Men’s +109-kilogram category.

2022 IWF Junior World Championships | Men’s +109KG

  1. Alireza Yousefi (Iran)
    • Snatch — 177 kilograms (390.2 pounds)
    • Clean & Jerk — 239 kilograms (526.9 pounds)
    • Total — 416 kilograms (917.1 pounds)
  2. Mirkhosil Mirzabaev (Uzbekistan)
    • Snatch — 176 kilograms (388 pounds)
    • Clean & Jerk — 212 kilograms (467.4 pounds)
    • Total — 388 kilograms (855.4 pounds)
  3. Bohdan Taranenko (Ukraine)
    • Snatch — 167 kilograms (368.2 pounds)
    • Clean & Jerk — 207 kilograms (457.4 pounds)
    • Total — 374 kilograms (824.5 pounds)

Yousefi’s new Junior world record clean & jerk is one kilogram heavier than the previous one, which he also held, scored at the 2021 IWF World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on Dec. 17, 2021. He joins the other weightlifters who scored Junior world records in Greece — Rizki Juniansyah (73KG) with a 156-kilogram (751.8-pound) snatch, Hampton Morris (61KG) with a 160-kilogram (352.7-pound) clean & jerk, and Bohdan Hoza (109KG) with a 195-kilogram (429.9-pound) snatch.

Check out Yousefi’s Junior world record clean & jerk in the video below, courtesy of his Instagram page:


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Alireza Yousefi’s Weightlifting Career

Despite still being early in his professional weightlifting career — Yousefi turns 19 on Aug. 27, 2022 — he already had a relatively decorated career. In addition to the gold from the 2022 IWF Junior World Championships, he also earned the gold medal at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the +85-kilogram class and a gold at the 2018 Asian Youth Championships in Urgench, Uzbekistan. He also has a previous podium finish at the IWF Junior World Championships, securing the bronze in the superheavyweight category in 2019 in Suva, Fiji.

While his Junior world record clean & jerk is obviously the heaviest competition clean & jerk of his career, he has previously lifted heavier in the snatch. His competition-best snatch was at the 2021 IWF World Championships, where he scored 183 kilograms (403.4 pounds) on his third attempt. He ultimately ranked seventh overall in that contest, which Lasha Talakhadze of Georgia won.

Featured image: @alireza_yousefi2024 on Instagram