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Should Weightlifters Do Static Stretching?

Sit and hold stretching is often overlooked in today’s training environments. The rise of myofascial release (MR) using foam rollers and proprioceptive neuromuscular release (PNF) stretching have overshadowed this timeless classic. As a


How Weightlifters Can Benefit From Squat Walkouts

There are few things worse than hitting some heavy back or front squats, only to unrack the bar and feel overwhelmingly depleted even before you begin your descent. I know because I have


The Cold Hard Truths About Ice Baths and Muscle Recovery

Ice baths, or cold water immersion (CWI), have long been used by high level strength and power athletes to enhance recovery from high intensity matches and training sessions. Although the exact mechanisms are


Should Weightlifters Do Behind The Neck Jerks?

The behind the neck jerk is a viable training option for both beginner and advanced weightlifters. This jerk variation improves works to improve: Leg drive in the jerk Overhead confidence and support Progressively overloading


Why You Shouldn’t Train Clean Pulls Like Deadlifts

The clean pull, while similar looking, is a very different exercise than the conventional barbell/powerlifting deadlift. Often, lifters attack clean pulls with the same patterning, focus, and end goal as a deadlift, neglecting


3 Assistance Exercises To Improve Your Low Bar Squat

Most of us have embarked upon the squatting journey in one way or another, either through the competitive nature of powerlifting, athletics, or general fitness. Have you ever wondered what it must feel


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