Best Home Gyms 2018

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Home gym equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. For some, it’s a fully decked out garaged filled with dumbbells, barbells, and racks to support their strength goals, while others have one or two pieces of equipment like a cable rack. Below we’re going to dive into the multiple types of home gym equipment one can use to reach their fitness goals.

Throughout this article, we’ll address home gym equipment as any piece of strength gear you utilize at home. Since home gym equipment comes with so many options, we wanted to put them into more specific categories to help out those who may feel overwhelmed when building, and searching for their perfect home gym equipment.

What a home gym actually is will be dependent on the user or consumer. For most, when they think of home gym, they think of a decked out basement or garage, but that’s not always the case. Standard lifting equipment, elaborate machines, and even elastic bands are all technically forms of home gym equipment. If you’re using strength equipment at home, then you’re technically utilizing a home gym; it just may not be in the form of the traditional definition or idea.

Below are some great options, in our opinion, of home gyms for a variety of goals.

Best Home Gyms Picks

Best Home Gym Setup: Rogue Fitness W-4 Garage Gym
Best Home Gym for Small/Compact Space: Weider Ultimate Body Works
Best Home Gym for Beginners: Marcy 150lb Multifunctional Home Gym
Best Home Gym for Seniors: Resistance Chair Exercise System
Best Home Gym for Legs: Rogue Fitness S-2 Squat Stand

Still looking for the best home gym for you? Read further on for even more picks and categories, including the top home gyms for Apartments, Bodybuilding, Garages, and value (like under $500 and under $1000). 

What’s a Home Gym?

A home gym can be anything you use at home to support your strength goals. Home gym equipment has been used for many years by a variety of fitness lovers, and equipment continues to grow within their respective categories with constant new innovations.

Typical Home Gym Equipment and Settings

There are multiple settings where one can set up and use their home gym, or home gym equipment. If someone is making a complete gym at their home, then a garage, basement, or empty guest room is usually the setting it takes place. On the other hand, for those with limited space, then they may have one versatile machine, or a composition of smaller equipment pieces that sit in an area with ample space for them.

In terms of equipment, it’s not an easy feat clarifying what’s the most popular, or typical for users to keep in their house. Although, one can define what’s most typical by the type of gym and strength goals they have. For example, if someone has a garage gym, then you’ll often see a squat rack, barbell set, and possibly dumbbell sets as the most common/typical pieces of equipment.

BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym (Optional Leg Attachment Included), and example of a multi-part home gym

Conversely, the individual who lives in an apartment setting, or doesn’t have as high of strength aspirations may use one of the popular versatile machines like a BowFlex, or cable machine. For this setting, these pieces of equipment would be considered typical. Then for an older individual, they may utilize a seated cable chair, or other forms of elastic band setup. Either way, it’s not easy to claim what’s the most typical until you break down an individual’s strength goals, training age, and gym setup location.

Why a Home Gym Can Be Beneficial

There are multiple reasons why a home gym can be beneficial, and a lot of them will vary from person to person. Possibly the most common benefit of a home gym is the convenience factor. If someone is busy, or doesn’t want to attend a gym, then a home gym is an easy way to achieve fitness goals, while saving time and working out at home. Additionally, there will never be a wait for equipment, which can be a major time saver.

Another home gym benefit is the creativity that comes with them. An individual can completely customize their setup to match their needs and goals. Since they’re designing their own space, then they can purchase only what they need. Plus, there are multiple types of equipment for a variety of settings, so an individual can be as creative as they’d like when building out their home gym with the space available.

His & Hers Profile® Package – Complete Home Gym

The final major home gym benefit is long-term savings. Home gym equipment can be expensive, but it’s an investment. Over a long period of time, owning your own equipment can save you money in two ways. First, more than likely, you can drop your gym membership fee, and over time that can add up. Second, it saves you the time you’d be driving to and from the gym, along with time you have to wait for equipment. For most, this extra time can turn into energy and time invested in other areas of their life.

Is a Home Gym Setup Right for You?

A better way to look at this question is to break it down into three smaller questions. The questions below will help you decide if investing in home gym equipment, or building your own gym is a wise realistic financially savvy choice.

What are your strength goals?

If you have very committed strength training goals, then you’ll probably realize that building your home gym will take a little more effort and money. More than likely, you’ll need equipment that complements your goals. But on the opposing side, after the initial purchase of equipment, then you’ll have your perfect setup for your goals.

And if you’re someone who just needs a piece of equipment to maintain a certain level of fitness, then your effort and finances will be much lower, which makes buying home gym equipment a little easier.

How much space do you have?

Another question to ask yourself is how much space you have. This is a question that can help guide you into what equipment will be best for not only your goals, but resources. Someone with more room can be a little more lenient with what they purchase, while someone working with limited space will have less options to choose from.

What’s your budget?

This question is simple and will vary from person to person. Before investing in home gym equipment, we recommend realistically calculating your current gym expenses and how much you’re willing to put into a home gym.

How valuable is your time?

The final and last question is slightly bias towards the individual in question. But how much do you value your time? It’s a no brainer that a home gym can save you time in the long run, so how much is your time worth? If you’re someone who needs something quick and versatile, then you may find a home as a sound wise investment.

Best Home Gym Setup

Our favorite piece of equipment for a home gym is the W-4 Garage Gym by Rogue Fitness. We felt it has most of the asks the serious strength athlete will want for a home gym.

Rogue Fitness W4 – Wall Mount

Image courtesy 

The W-4 Garage Gym saves an athlete time by providing them a home gym package of strength equipment. This package comes with the ability to add in all of your basics. Rogue Fitness aims to save an athlete some time by providing a list of equipment that someone frequently buys together to build their home, or garage gym in this case. They include things like a customized rack, bench, plate holder, barbell, box, and much more.

PRx Performance’s Men’s Profile Pro Package is our next pick for the best home gym setup. This piece of equipment comes with everything an athlete will need to build their ultimate home gym. The Men’s Profile Pro Package includes: a rack, barbell, plates up to 275 lbs, a bench, elastic bands, box, plate storage, and much more. For someone who’s investing in building a full garage or home gym, then this equipment package is a good place to start.

Our last pick for best home gym setup is the Rogue Fitness Warrior CrossFit Package. This package comes with a wide variety of gear to equip a home gym strength athlete. One difference between this package and the other two is the lack of rack. We liked this package because it includes everything you need for a great lift, but doesn’t have a rack, which some may not have space for. For someone who needs a barbell, medicine balls, rowing machine, and much more, then this is a good starting spot.

Best Home Gym for Small/Compact Space

Our top pick for folks with limited space is the Weider Ultimate Body Works machine. This machine is designed to provide a full body workout when space is very limited.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

Image courtesy of 

We liked this piece of equipment because it can be easily stored in a variety of living settings. While it’s not going to benefit the serious strength athlete that much, it is a viable choice for someone who needs a quick workout in a small setting. Another factor that earned this piece of equipment its spot on our list is how versatile it can be.

The TRX Training Suspension Basic Trainer Kit makes our second pick. TRX suspension training has grown in popularity over the last few years for a couple reasons. First, it provides someone with the ability to target multiple muscles with limited equipment. Second, the equipment doesn’t require a ton of space, and can be transported almost anywhere. For someone needing a full body workout with limited space, then we feel the TRX Suspension Basic Trainer Kit is a good pick.

Our final pick for someone with limited space is the Bowflex PR1000. Yes, this piece of equipment is slightly larger than the above two, but we wanted to provide an option for someone who may have something like a half room available for space. Bowflex has grown in popularity because it’s a reasonable choice for someone needing a quick full body workout with limited wear and tear on joints. It tends to be a better pick for someone who wants to progress their fitness, but doesn’t make it their main goal in life.

Best Home Gym for Beginners

Our favorite piece of equipment for a beginner is the Marcy 150lb Multifunctional Home Gym. It’s super simple, and has the bare minimum for a beginner full body workout.

Marcy 150lb Multifunctional Home gym

Image courtesy 

This piece of equipment makes our number one pick for a couple reasons. First, we like how simple the machine is, and how affordable it is. It’s a good choice for the strength athlete who may be newer and wants to learn basic movements. Second, we like the 150 lb weight stack, as it’s not going to be incredibly easy for a beginner to max. Lastly, it has images of exercises on the machine, so a beginner can navigate movements with ease.

Our second pick is the Weider Home Gym 214lb Stack. This piece of equipment is much more of what you’d consider beginner oriented. It’s a machine that has your features such as a lat pull down, chest press, leg extension and curl setup, along with couple other cable attachments. It has a fair amount of weight in the stack, so a beginner won’t easily max the machine out.

The Rogue Fitness SoCal Econ Bar and Plate package by Rogue Fitness makes our final pick for beginners. We liked this package because it’s simple, and has enough weight for the barbell beginner. This package comes with a standard barbell, along with 160 lbs of plate weight. For someone newer to barbell training, then they may find this is a suitable option in terms of weight.

Best Home Gym for Seniors

Disclaimer: Always consult with a qualified physician and health professional before performing, or partaking in any of workout or resistance training. 

Our number one pick for home gyms designed for seniors is the Resistance Chair Exercise System. We liked this pick and choice for seniors for a couple reasons.

The Resistance Chair Exercise System

Image courtesy of 

First, it’s a machine that utilizes resistance cables to produce a training benefit, which can be useful for someone with possible musculoskeletal issues. Second, it can provide a full workout from a seated position, and that can be useful for someone with possible workout limitations. Lastly, it requires minimal setup and will work for a variety of fitness levels at the senior age.

Our next pick is the Chair Gym Total Body Workout. We like this option for the senior who may need a very low impact workout device for a variety of needs. In addition, it requires even less space than the first pick, and can be folded up for easy storage. The last aspect we like is how it has the capability to provide someone with 50 different exercises.

The last pick for seniors is the Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike. This option is for someone who wants a cardiovascular benefit with minimal impact on the joints and body. We like the 2-in-1 design, which makes it a good option for someone who’s not too serious about their fitness aspirations.

Best Home Gym for Legs

The Rogue Fitness S-2 Squat Stand tops our list for a legs oriented home gym.

Rogue Fitness S-2 Squat Stand 2.0

Image courtesy 

This squat stand is super simple. For the strength athlete interested in building their legs with squats, we feel as though this rack is a good starting point. In addition, there’s a pull-up bar at the top, so it’s slightly more versatile than a simple rack.

Our second pick is the American BarBell Pull-Up Squat Stand. This squat stand is about as simple as they come with a simple squat rack and pull-up bar, and is somewhat similar to the Rogue Fitness S-2 Squat Stand. One attribute that makes this stand slightly different is that it’s lower, so if ceiling height is a concern, then this is a good option for you.

The last pick on our list is the Body Solid SLP-500G. Unlike the options above, this is a leg press machine that comes with 310lbs stack weight. If you’re interested in training legs, but without free weight, then this could be a good option for you. This machine also has the option with including a four or five year protection, which is useful for someone who’s nervous about long term durability.

Still Looking for the Best Home Gym Equipment for Your Needs?

There are tons (and tons!) of other options and needs to consider when purchasing a home gym. That’s why we’ve listed even more categories and options below. Looking to build a great new home gym in your apartment? Or do you have particular budget constraints that will influence what you might want to buy? Read on for our continued thoughts and picks!

Best Home Gym for Apartment

Our top pick for a home gym in an apartment is the Bowflex PR1000. This is the second time this piece of equipment has made our list, and for good reason.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Image courtesy 

Someone living in an apartment will have limited space, and more than likely not have the ability to slam weights on the ground. The Bowflex provides one with resistance and the ability to workout quietly. We thought it was a great fit for someone who may be in an apartment with ample room, but still the need to remain relatively quiet.

Our next apartment pick is the TRX Home Gym. This piece of equipment made our list because it requires minimal setup, doesn’t need a ton of space, provides the body with an adequate workout, and can be used quietly. For someone in a very tight apartment space needing a workout, then the TRX Home Gym is a sound choice.

The Marcy 150lb Stack Home Gym makes our list as the final pick. If you’re someone in a larger apartment, then this may be a better pick. We wouldn’t recommend grabbing this piece of equipment for someone in a smaller studio, or one bedroom. It’s going to require at least half a room, and will be difficult getting up a walk-up. Yet, for someone in a multi-room apartment, or condo, then we see the Marcy 150lb Stack as a useful full body choice.

Best Home Gym for Bodybuilding

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage Gym makes our top pick for home gyms designed for bodybuilding style training.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage Gym

We like this piece of equipment because it comes in one large piece and has multiple tools a bodybuilder could use to benefit their gym progress. There are multiple attachments this type of athlete can use to provide their body with plenty of time under tension. The mixture of cables, smith machine cage, and free weights is what earned this as our top pick for bodybuilding athletes.

Our second pick is the Alpha Bar and Bumper Set by Rogue Fitness. This isn’t your traditional bodybuilding machine, or setup, but instead a barbell with 320lbs of plate weight. We liked this option because it’s slightly different than your standard home gym machine, and for the bodybuilder who loves barbell movements like rows, shrugs, and deadlifts, then it could be a viable option.

The Yukon Fitness Wolverine Multi-Station Gym makes our final pick for bodybuilding athletes. When you think of old school bodybuilding machines, then you probably picture something similar to this option. It has all of your bodybuilding standard devices such as a lat pulldown, leg extension & curl attachment, dip bar, and much more. If you have ample space, and need a well-equipped machine, then this is a good option.

Best Home Gym Equipment

Our favorite retailer for home gym equipment is Rogue Fitness for a couple of reasons.

Specifically, we like Rogue Fitness because they offer multiple packages with equipment. This saves a buyer time when trying to find a set of equipment that will complement their asks, wants, and needs. Possibly the best package Rogue Fitness offers is the W-4 Garage Gym set. This package contains your home gym equipment essentials, along with providing you the option to add in additional pieces of equipment.

His & Hers Profile® Package – Complete Home Gym

Image courtesy of 

PRx Performance makes our second pick as best home gym equipment retailer. This company provides you with fully equipped home gym packages and even comes with plates and other equipment, which Rogue Fitness packages often do not. Our favorite home gym package they offer is the His & Hers Profile Package. It comes with multiple pieces of equipment to fully equip your home, or garage gym, and a women’s/men’s barbell.

American Barbell makes our final pick for best home gym equipment. They offer equipment and packages similar to Rogue Fitness. Our favorite piece of home gym equipment they offer is the American Barbell Pull-Up Squat Stand. It provides an athlete with a simple pull-up bar and squat stand. We think is one of the better options for those starting to build their own home, or garage gym.

Best Home Gym for Full Body Workout

The Charlie CrossFit Package by Rogue Fitness makes our top pick for home gym equipment for a full body workout.

Charlie CrossFit™ Package

Image courtesy 

This package comes with all of the essentials to tackle almost any CrossFit WOD. We like how they include up to 230lbs of plates, a medicine ball, rings, and much more. The Charlie package doesn’t need a ton of space, and can equip a lifter with the basics. In addition, they provide you with a decently heavy kettlebell, which could be used for a variety of exercises outside of barbell movements.

Our next pick for a full body workout is the PRx Performance Men’s Profile Package. This package includes all of the essentials for building a full home gym. There’s a squat rack, Olympic barbell, 245lbs plate weight, and medicine ball. With these pieces of equipment you can do almost any workout for multiple body parts, which is why we gave the Men’s Profile Package this spot on our full body list.

The Total Gym XLS is our final and possibly most diverse pick on the list. This piece of equipment is smaller than the first two. Also, it doesn’t include a barbell and dumbbells, but is a machine designed to provide the body with a total body workout. We felt this was a solid choice for someone who may not be as serious into strength training, but would still like a workout that hits the body as a whole.

Best Home Gym for Garage

The PRx Performance His & Hers Profile Package makes our top pick for the best home gym designed for the garage.

This package includes everything someone would need to start building the perfect garage gym. It comes with a rack, two medicine balls, plates up to 275lbs, a box, two barbells for men and women, plus much more. Someone who’s interested in building out a full garage gym will want to equip themselves with a full range of equipment, which this package includes.

Rogue Fitness RML-3WC Fold Back Rack

Image courtesy 

Our next home gym pick for the garage is the Rogue Fitness RML-3WC Fold Back Rack. This piece of equipment doesn’t come in a package with multiple strength training tools. Instead, it’s a rack designed to fold back and save space. For this reason, we awarded our number two spot to Rogue Fitness for this innovative space saving rack. For someone who wants to build a garage gym with limited space, and who still wants to park their car inside, then this could be a useful choice.

The W-4 Garage Gym by Rogue Fitness is making our round-up for the third time. We’ve discussed it above, but in terms of ease in building your own garage gym, we feel as though this set is one of the best. They also allow you to select exactly which pieces of equipment you’d like to include. For someone starting their garage gym from the ground up, then this option could be a choice.

Best Home Gym for the Money

One of the best home gym picks for the money is the Gold’s Gym XRS 50. This piece of equipment provides good overall value.

Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym

Image courtesy 

If you’re interested in achieving somewhat of a rounded workout, then this piece of equipment may serve you best. It offers tools for training legs, back, chest, and more. In addition, they offer a three and four year protection plan, which is a nice feature to ensure this piece of equipment will last for a while.

The Bowflex PR1000 is our second pick for the home gym buyer trying to save money. It comes equipped with everything someone would need to achieve a full body workout. We like that they offer up to 300 lbs of resistance, which is pretty decent for the money and what it has to offer. Also, Bowflex points out that you can perform over 30 exercises on the machine, so the versatility is there.

Our final pick for the money is the Fitness Gear 300lb Olympic Weight Set. This set comes with a barbell and plates up to 300lbs. For someone interested in using a standard barbell and weight set for their home workout, then this is a good choice.

Best Home Gym Under $500

Our top pick for home gym equipment in this cateogry is the CAP Barbell FM-H1005 Value Home Gym.

This piece of equipment has all of the essentials you’d want for a full body machine oriented workout. It comes with a 150lb weight stack. We like this piece of equipment because it has your standard exercise tools, such as a lat pull down, chest press, and leg training attachment. But what really earned it our number one spot is the 150lb weight stack, which is higher than most similar pieces of equipment.

Marcy 150-lb. Multifunctional Home Gym Station MWM-990

Image courtesy 

The Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym makes our second pick. It’s similar to the CAP Barbell machine above, but offers a few different talking points. Some of the similarities are the attachments and 150lb weight stack. A couple of the differences include the preacher curl attachment, and ridged pull down bar. These provide someone with a few extra exercises compared to the CAP machine.

The final home gym that makes our list is the Weider Ultimate Body Works. This machine isn’t for the serious strength athlete, but can provide someone with a decent full body workout. To top it off, it’s easily stored, so a variety of users in different living spaces can equip themselves with it.

Best Home Gym Under $1,000

Our favorite home gym under $1,000 is the Rogue Fitness Alpha Bar & Bumper Set.

This weight set is simple and comes with the bare minimums for barbell training. It equips you with a barbell, collars, and 320lbs of plate weight. If you’re someone building a gym, or into barbell training, then this option is a solid choice for you. Plus, with bumper plates they can be dropped and used for long periods of time without durability issues.

Alpha Bar & Bumper Set

Image courtesy 

Body Solid Powerline Home Gym takes our number two spot for best home gyms in this category. This gym equips a lifter with pretty much all of the basics for a full body workout, along with a 160lb weight stack. If you have ample room, and want a one stop piece of equipment, then this may be a good pick for you.

Our final pick for the best home gym in this category is the Bowflex Blaze. This is possibly one of the best equipped Bowflex devices and allows someone to perform over 60 exercises on it. It comes with 210lbs of band tension, which is pretty good for the versatility.

Best Home Gym Ideas

There are multiple companies that are designed to help equip someone with their perfect home gym. All of them cater towards different levels of fitness, or strength athlete. For example, Rogue Fitness offers equipment that’s designed to support a variety of strength athletes, but also slightly more elite athletes. They offer multiple racks, garage packages, CrossFit packages, plate & bar sets, along with individual pieces of equipment.

A similar company that has built a strong name for themselves in terms of home gym equipment is American Barbell. If an athlete is considering building their own home gym, then they should consider every aspect they need and look into different packages these companies offer.

American Barbell Mammoth Pull-Up Squat Stand (barbell and weights not included)

Image courtesy

Another good resource for building your home gym is PRx Performance. This company focuses on providing you with a variety of equipment and packages, but also offer the ability to finance. For most, building a home gym can be a daunting experience, so the finance option adds a nice feature for softening the upfront money blow that may come with a big purchase.


Wrapping Up

A home gym can be defined as anything a lifter utilizes at home to pursue their fitness goals. Working out at home can be a great long-term way to save time and money, but building your perfect gym can be a daunting experience. If you can break down your goals, needs, wants, and budget, then finding the perfect equipment can seem slightly easier.


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