Best Vitamin B Complexes For Vitamin C, Vegetarians, and More

These supplements can help increase your daily intake of the eight essential B vitamins.

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Contrary to its name, vitamin B complex is actually pretty simple. It’s a combination of eight common B vitamins into one product. These different compounds include vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. While many people may well get enough B vitamins from eating a diversified diet, some may benefit from supplementation. Folks who might opt for vitamin B supplements include pregnant people and anyone who follows strict vegan, vegetarian, or paleo diets.

Currently, research suggests that a significant number of people in developed countries are deficient in vitamin B, which can be important for brain function and energy production. (1) The various nutrients in vitamin B complexes contribute to a number of bodily functions, including cellular health, energy levels, and digestion. With a seemingly endless number of vitamin B supplements available on the market, it’s important to know how to distinguish one from another. We looked at some of the best vitamin B complexes out there to help you find the one that might be most appropriate for you.

The Best Vitamin B Complexes

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Best Overall Vitamin B Complex

When looking for the best vitamin B complex out there, we found a supp that hit all of the essential B vitamins at high doses at an extremely affordable price point. 

Swolverine Vitamin B Complex

This B complex includes all eight essential B vitamins — B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12 — plus some extras, such as choline bitartrate and inositol (B8). Each serving of this B complex contains over 100 percent of your RDI (recommended daily intake) for each B vitamin except vitamin B7, which is only dosed at 33 percent.

10% Off
Swolverine Vitamin B Complex
Swolverine Vitamin B Complex
Swolverine Vitamin B Complex

Complete with a vegetarian-friendly tablet, Swolverine Vitamin B Complex offers well more than the RDI for each of the eight essential B vitamins — in only one tablet. Plus, it’s soy-free and non-GMO.

The choline bitartrate here is a nutrient that is considered to be similar to a B vitamin, although not officially. Swolverine also includes B8, or inositol, which isn’t essential, but may offer some benefits for regulating insulin levels. (2) You can take Swolverine Vitamin B Complex with the meal of your choice, or at whatever time of day your healthcare provider recommends. This supp has just a one-pill serving size and costs around $0.56 per serving, making it a very reasonably priced supplement. The capsules here are also vegan- and vegetarian-friendly

Who Should Buy Swolverine Vitamin B Complex

  • Anyone looking for a complete B complex will love that this product contains all eight essential B vitamins at extremely high doses. 
  • Folks who are looking for an affordable B supplement — this supp is about $0.56 per serving.
  • Customers who like a small serving size will be happy this product only requires one pill per serving.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Swolverine Vitamin B Complex

  • Those who want more than just B vitamins in their supplement can find a multivitamin that includes a B complex. 
  • Pill-averse buyers who would prefer to take a liquid B complex will probably want to look elsewhere.
  • Those who want to obtain their B vitamins through a greens supplement should look at our favorite greens powders.

If you’re looking for a B complex that doses all eight essential B vitamins at high percentages and won’t cost you a fortune, Swolverine has you covered.

Best Multivitamin with B Complex

The name says it all: the best multivitamin with B complex included in it. Huge Supplements Huge Multi gives you exactly what it implies — a wide array of essential vitamins, including all your essential B vitamins, to knock out all the nutritional gaps you may be looking to fill.

Huge Supplements Huge Multi

This multivitamin truly packs a punch. Each serving — consisting of four capsules — contains all eight of the essential B vitamins in very high concentrations. With 100 percent of your RDI for B7, all the way to 6,333 percent of your RDI for B1, you won’t miss out on any of your daily B Vitamin needs here.

Huge Supplements Huge Multi
Huge Supplements Huge Multi
Huge Supplements Huge Multi

This supplement packs 100 percent to 41,667 percent of the eight essential B vitamins into one dose. Plus, Huge Supplements includes over 30 essential vitamins and minerals overall, like vitamin K1, K2, and D, and zinc, magnesium, iodine, and calcium.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules (30 servings), and the servings contain a wide variety of vitamins. You’ll get your B vitamins here, but also whopping doses of vitamins ACDE, K, and taurine. Per serving, you’ll also be getting 90mg of calcium, 24mg of zinc, 60mg of magnesium, and more. For good measure, each serving also contains 200mg of ginger extract, which many athletes turn to for reducing inflammation. It’s worth noting that this multi is higher in price than many others at about $1.16 per serving.

Who Should Buy Huge Supplements Huge Multi

  • If you want additional vitamins and minerals alongside your vitamin B supplementation, these capsules also include calcium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, L-taurine, and more.
  • Wellness aficionados who want to take an array of supplements to fuel and maintain their overall health will like that these capsules include pretty much everything they need.
  • When you want to cut down on the number of supplements you’re taking and bring it all back to just one multivitamin, this product packs a punch. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Huge Supplements Huge Multi

  • People who just want to supplement their vitamin B intake, and don’t need the additional vitamins and minerals can find simpler products.
  • Those on a budget can find a B vitamin that costs half the price of this supp.
  • Athletes who don’t like taking pills might want to go elsewhere to get their vitamin B complex supplements because there are four capsules per serving in this product.

If you’re ready to commit to a multivitamin that packs all you need — including your vitamin B complex — into a four-capsule serving, then Huge Supplements Huge Multi might be for you.

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Best Vitamin B Complex for Vegetarians

For vegetarians and vegans looking to expand their supplement repertoire, it can be tough to find plant-based capsules that aren’t made of gelatin. But Swolverine Vitamin B Complex fits the bill.

Swolverine Vitamin B Complex

Providing over 100 percent of your RDI for seven out of the eight essential B vitamins, Swolverine Vitamin B Complex ensures that you’ll have every B vitamin you need to fuel your day. It’s only lacking on B7, which is 33 percent of your daily needs. At 100mg, it provides a very high dose of thiamin, as well as 100mg each of niacin, riboflavin, and B6. Each serving consists of only one tablet, so you won’t have to go out of your way to take multiple doses for just one serving.

10% Off
Swolverine Vitamin B Complex
Swolverine Vitamin B Complex
Swolverine Vitamin B Complex

Complete with a vegetarian-friendly tablet, Swolverine Vitamin B Complex offers well more than the RDI for each of the eight essential B vitamins — in only one tablet. Plus, it’s soy-free and non-GMO.

The Swolverine Vitamin B Complex tablet is made from cellulose, which makes it vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, and an excellent option for folks who need to avoid gelatin. The product is also non-GMO and soy-free, which is important for athletes who are avoiding soy and want to minimize GMOs in their diet. It boasts a very reasonable price of around $0.56 per serving too, which is a huge bonus.

Who Should Buy Swolverine Vitamin B Complex

  • Any athlete who wants to avoid gelatin in their tablets or capsules, such as vegans and vegetarians, will appreciate this cellulose-based tablet.
  • This product contains well over the RDI for each of the eight essential B vitamins, providing athletes with more than enough of what they need.
  • If you don’t like taking multiple tablets per serving, you’re in luck — each high-dose serving of this product only consists of one tablet.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Swolverine Vitamin B Complex

  • People who would prefer a gummy option might want to choose something aside from a tablet.
  • Athletes looking to get multiple kinds of vitamins and minerals included with their vitamin B complex might want to turn to a multivitamin.
  • Anyone hoping to drink their B vitamins may want a greens powder instead of a pill.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan looking for a vitamin B complex you can take confidently, you can turn to Swolverine Vitamin B Complex’s cellulose-based tablet. 

Best B Vitamin Gummies

If you’re pill-averse, you might be looking for a gummy instead of a capsule to meet your vitamin B complex needs. In that case, Nature’s Way Alive B-Complex Gummies will give you all eight essential B vitamins, plus a fruit and veggie blend that can provide an important boost of real food.

Nature’s Way Alive B-Complex Gummies

This pick comes in gummy form, which — in our opinion — is one of the most delicious ways to take a B vitamin supplement. Plus, it still packs all eight B vitamins in each two-gummy dose. This vegetarian B complex contains all eight B vitamins, including 3.4mg of vitamin B6 and 12mcg of vitamin B12. 

Nature's Way Alive B-Complex Gummies
Nature's Way Alive B-Complex Gummies
Nature's Way Alive B-Complex Gummies

These gummies contain 3.4mg of vitamin B6 and 12mcg of vitamin B12. On top of the B vitamins, Nature's Way also provides 150mg of a fruit and veggie blend.

On top of the B complex, Nature’s Way also provides 150mg of a fruit and veggie blend — this includes powders from foods like asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, blueberriespineapple, and more. You’ll also find vitamin C, niacin, and folate in these chews. These gummies come in a delicious Mango flavor, but it is worth noting for anyone avoiding sugars that there are three grams of added sugar and 20 calories per dose here. This is very reasonably priced as each serving costs about $0.55. 

Who Should Buy Nature’s Way Alive B-Complex Gummies

  • For anyone looking for high doses of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, this product contains 200 percent and 500 percent of your recommended daily intake for each, respectively. 
  • If you want an added blend of fruits and veggies in your B complex, these gummies contain 150mg of a food-based fruit and veggie powder blend. 
  • Vegetarians who want a B complex supplement that’s made from plant-based ingredients will be happy that these gummies are made from pectin, not gelatin.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Nature’s Way Alive B-Complex Gummies

  • Those who don’t want any added sugar in their B complex may be better off grabbing a capsule supplement. 
  • Folks who want more than one flavor option might be disappointed that these gummies only come in a Mango flavor. 
  • If you’re hoping for a more robust list of vitamins and minerals you may want to go with a multivitamin supplement.

Competitively priced and offering a great dose of B vitamins, this supplement only requires you to take two Mango gummies per serving. Plus, these gummies are much tastier than a couple of pills would be.

Best Vitamin B Complex for Quality

Onnit Active B Complete packs in all the essential B vitamins you need without adding anything extra to the mix. And because Onnit products are third-party tested for purity, you know you’re getting a high quality product.

Onnit Active B Complete

Each serving of Onnit Active B Complete provides over 100% of your RDI for all eight essential B vitamins. And with a serving size of only one capsule — many other products have more than one capsule per serving — this complex is relatively easy to take with your morning coffee or with your pre-workout

Onnit Active B Complete
Onnit Active B Complete
Onnit Active B Complete

This B complex includes all eight essential B vitamins — vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12, all of which are dosed at over 100 percent of your RDI (recommended daily intake). Plus, you only need to take one capsule each day. 

Because this is an Onnit product, you can rest assured that it’s high-quality, as it’s tested for purity and banned substances by third parties. This will be a relief to competitive athletes who need to be able to take their vitamins with confidence that they won’t fail a drug test because of it.

This B complex is also unique because it provides B1 in the form of benfotiamine, which research suggests may be more readily available for your body to use than regular B1. (3) To put it another way, B1 might be more effective in your body when you get it from benfotiamine. This supplement will cost you around $0.65 per serving which is a smidge more than some of our other picks, but if you’re a competitive athlete or someone who gets drug-tested, the few cents may be worth the peace of mind. 

Who Should Buy Onnit Active B Complete

  • Onnit products are high-quality, and they’re tested for purity and banned substances by third parties — so if you need to take your vitamin B complex feeling confident that you can safely compete, this might be the product for you.
  • If you want to make sure your B vitamins are extra easy for your body to take in, you’ll appreciate that this product uses benfotiamine for B1.
  • Each serving size is only one capsule, which is fewer pills to swallow per serving compared to several other options on the market.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Onnit Active B Complete

  • If you’re looking to get a vitamin B complex that comes with other vitamins and minerals, you might want to turn to a multivitamin instead. 
  • Don’t like pills? You may want to avoid any capsules completely.
  • If you’re on a really strict budget you may want to opt for a cheaper pick on our list. 

When you want to make sure that your vitamin B complex is high quality — and third-party tested — look no further than Onnit Active B Complete.

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Best For Vitamin C

Sometimes, you don’t just need all your B vitamins in the same place — you may want vitamin C to join the party, as well. When that’s the case, Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets give you all the B vitamins and vitamin C that you need.

Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets

Each one-tablet serving contains over 100 percent of the recommended daily value for each of the Vitamin B compounds included. Nature Made includes a particularly strong dose of thiamin, with 10mg included. Each tablet also contains 12mcg of B12 and 5mg of B6.

Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets
Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets
Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets

Folks looking for a straightforward source of Vitamin B with an additional kick of Vitamin C may want to check out Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets. Available at a very reasonable price point, each bottle contains a 140 day supply of Vitamin B Complex.

In addition to the vitamin B available in these tablets, each serving contains 500 milligrams of vitamin C as ascorbic acid. The tablets also have 13.5mg of vitamin E, 100mg of niacin, and 23.9mg of zinc for when you’re looking to diversify your vitamin and mineral intake with one tablet. Just be sure to take these tablets with water and a meal.

Who Should Buy Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets

  • Anyone looking for a nice boost of vitamin C will like that this product contains 556 percent of your RDI for vitamin C per serving.
  • Folks who desire to up their thiamin intake will appreciate the 10mg of thiamin in these tablets.
  • Athletes who like getting their vitamins through tablets rather than capsules or gummies might enjoy the texture this product offers.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets

  • Athletes who are looking for a supplement that only contains B vitamins might choose a different option.
  • Folks looking for high label accuracy might want to choose a different supplement — this product scores low on label accuracy on Labdoor.
  • If you’re not a fan of taking pills you may want to try a gummy instead.

According to independent testing conducted by Labdoor, Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets score high on purity, but quite low on label accuracy. However, since there isn’t much to knock this product on beyond label accuracy, it still places high in our rankings.

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Best Raw Probiotic and Enzyme Blend

If you’re looking for a vitamin B complex that can offer probiotics and enzymes (for potentially improved gut health) in addition to your typical vitamins, you’ll want to check out Garden of Life’s Vitamin B Complex.

Garden of Life’s Vitamin B Complex

Each serving of Garden of Life’s Vitamin B Complex includes strong doses of all eight vitamin B compounds, highlighted by a particularly large amount of B12. Supplementing the vitamin B in Garden of Life’s recipe is 360 milligrams of a raw and organic fruit and vegetable blend, featuring apples, beets, broccoli, and carrots, to name a few. 

Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex
Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex
Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex

In addition to a strong smattering of vitamin Bs, Garden of Life bolsters their complex with a unique blend of raw organic fruits and vegetables and a raw probiotic and enzyme blend. Intended to provide additional nutrients and digestive support, this unique recipe sets this offering apart from the competition. 

In each two-capsule serving, there are 60 milligrams of a probiotic and enzyme blend intended to aid in digestive support. This product also scores high for product purity on Labdoor. It is vegan-friendly and non-GMO project verified. And, if you’re following a low-carb diet, you’ll be happy to know that the fruit and veggie blend does not add any calories via carbohydrates. This is a bit more expensive than some of our other picks at $0.75 per serving.

Who Should Buy Garden of Life’s Vitamin B Complex

  • Athletes interested in the nutritional value added by a strong fruit and veggie blend will appreciate getting all eight essential B vitamins with a side of fruits and veggies.
  • People with a goal of better digestive support will like that this product has 60 milligrams of a probiotic and enzyme blend.
  • If you want a vegan-friendly, non-GMO product with a high-purity score, this Vitamin B Complex might be the one for you.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Garden of Life’s Vitamin B Complex

  • Pill-averse folks might want to avoid this complex, as each serving contains two capsules.
  • If you’re looking for a bare-bones vitamin B complex, you can find simpler options.
  • If you’re not concerned with digestive health you can find a cheaper option on our list. 

On a per-serving basis, Garden of Life’s offering is a bit more expensive than some of the competing brands on the market, so it might price out some customers. However, those who are looking for the added nutritional value of a robust fruit and veggie blend could benefit from this product.

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Different Types of B Vitamins

There are eight essential B vitamins that most complexes will include that can help with energy levels and cell metabolism. A little more information about each specific B vitamin follows.

B1 (Thiamin)

Thiamin typically can help your body digest food and release its energy for use. It can be found naturally in peas and nuts. (4)

B2 (Riboflavin)

Riboflavin can help your body release energy from food, while potentially helping your eyes, skin, and nervous system. Mushrooms, yogurt, milk, and eggs contain vitamin B2. (5)

B3 (Niacin)

Niacin can help the nervous system and skin while also aiding in digestion by allowing your body to release the energy obtained from food. You can find niacin in wheat flour, eggs, fish, and meat. (6)

B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Pantothenic acid can also help the body release the energy that food gives you. Avocados, mushrooms, eggs, chicken, and beef all contain pantothenic acid. (7)

B6 (Pyridoxine)

Pyridoxine may help you store energy and form the oxygen-carrying substance hemoglobin. Oats, soybeans, bananas, peanuts, pork, chicken, and turkey all contain pyridoxine. (8)

B7 (Biotin)

Biotin can help your body make fatty acids. You can naturally supplement with biotin by consuming nuts, seeds, legumes, and liver. (9)

Folate and Folic Acid

Folic acid is the human-made form of folate, which can help form red blood cells in your body. Folate is found in broccoli, leafy greens, peas, chickpeas, and kidney beans. (10)


Vitamin B12 may help release energy from food and also assist in making red blood cells. It can be found in milk, eggs, cheese, fish, meat, and nutritional yeast. (11)

Benefits of Vitamin B Complexes

In all its specific forms, vitamin B can help your body extract energy from food while also boosting your cellular functions. We get into more of the details below. 

Energy Levels

Vitamin B — especially B6, pantothenic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, and B12 — can help your body break down food. The process of digestion is about extracting energy from what you’re eating to fuel your body’s functions.

Image From Shutterstock/Ground Picture
Image From Shutterstock/Ground Picture

By assisting with digestion and the breakdown of food, vitamin B can play a role in maintaining and boosting your body’s energy levels by helping to make more energy available to you after eating. (12)

Cellular Functions

B vitamins like folate and biotin can help in more specific cellular processes that don’t necessarily relate to digestion. Biotin may aid in the production of fatty acids while folate (or folic acid, when it comes from supplements) and B12 may help you develop red blood cells. (13) Vitamin B6, otherwise known as pyridoxine, can also help with hemoglobin production. (14) All of these cellular processes can help keep your body in the shape you need it to be to keep functioning.

When Should I Take Vitamin B?

Many vitamin B complex supplements recommend taking your capsule, tablet, or gummy with a meal. Since it can help with energy production through digestion, you might want to take your supplement with a morning meal, so you aren’t getting an energy boost right before bedtime. It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns about adding a B vitamin supplement to your regimen.

How We Chose The Best Vitamin B Complexes

With so many vitamin B complexes to choose from, we wanted to make sure we were showing you the best of the best — we weighed dosage, purity, cost — and more — when building out this list. 


When comparing vitamin B complex options, one of the biggest differences will come down to dosage amounts. Not all brands include the same amounts of each vitamin, and it’s important to pay special attention to the nutrition facts in order to line them up with the needs of your particular diet.

B pills
Image From Shutterstock/Jinning Li

There isn’t a standard combination of vitamin B dosages that any of these products follow, nor is there one set for the market at large. Knowing what daily percentage increase you’re aiming for with each vitamin will help better isolate the best option for you. We have included options with a variety of dosages to ensure that no matter what you’re aiming for, there’s a pick on this list to match. 


When shopping for any supplement, it’s important to know what’s inside each bottle. Labdoor is a good resource for independent third-party testing and can give a sense of how accurate each nutritional label is. Additionally, it is usually a good move to check to see that there aren’t any unnecessary or artificial ingredients added to the complex’s recipe. When we included a product that’s third-party tested, we mentioned it here to eliminate some of that work for you. 

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Additional Features

Almost all vitamin B complex supplements will include some amount of each of the eight B vitamins. However, some will also add additional ingredients, such as vitamin C or other natural ingredients, in order to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. Depending on dietary needs, this may be appealing. We’ve included both plain B complexes, as well as B complexes with additional ingredients on this list to meet an array of customer needs. 


Vitamin B complex is commonly available in capsule or tablet form. It can also be found as a gummy if you are someone who is really opposed to swallowing pills.

vitamin b
Image via Shutterstock / Prostock-studio

Determining which form is better will ultimately come down to personal preference or lifestyle, as the nutritional value presented in these products does not necessarily change based on the form it is served in. For this reason, we included a variety of forms here, so you can pick one based on your preferences. 


To determine the cost of a product, divide the total cost of each supplement by the number of servings in that container. That will give you a specific value for each serving to directly compare products. There is a wide range of prices on this list, so you should be able to find a product that meets every budget. 

How Much Does Vitamin B Complex Cost?

Vitamin B plays an important part in maintaining top-tier health, and if you fear you aren’t getting enough in your diet, the good news is that B vitamins are pretty inexpensive to add to your daily routine. As there are eight different B vitamins, you’ll want to ensure that your B complex has all eight included in the ingredient lineup — or at least the ones you feel you need to supplement. 

Best Overall Vitamin B Complex Swolverine Vitamin B Complex $16.99

$0.56 per serving

Best Multivitamin with B Complex Huge Supplements Huge Multivitamin  $34.95

$1.16 per serving

Best Vitamin B Complex for Vegetarians Swolverine Vitamin B Complex $16.99

$0.56 per serving

Best Vitamin B Gummies Nature’s Way Alive B-Complex Gummies $17.49

$0.58 per serving

Best Vitamin B Complex for Quality Onnit Active B Complete $18.95

$0.63 per serving

Best for Vitamin C Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets $13.59

$0.18 per serving

Best Raw Probiotic and Enzyme Blend Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex $22.60

$0.75 per serving

The prices on this list fluctuate from as low as about $0.18 up to $1.16 per serving, making this an affordable supplement for almost anyone. On average, you can expect to pay around $0.63 per serving for a vitamin B supplement. It’s worth noting that a simple vitamin B supplement will be less expensive than a multivitamin or a supplement that’s more robust that contains B vitamins. 

You’ll also want to pay attention to the dosage of each individual B vitamin in a complex as this can make a difference in price. Ideally, you’ll want close to 100 percent RDI of each individual B vitamin. It may be that you know you specifically need one type of B vitamin. If that’s the case, and you don’t need 100 percent RDI of each individual B vitamin, you may be able to find a cheaper alternative. 

The other factors that will dictate price are the quality, number of ingredients, and potential third-party testing done by the manufacturer. Third-party testing may make the price of a supplement higher, but we always recommend choosing a supplement that has been third-party tested for accuracy and quality.

What To Consider Before Buying Vitamin B Complexes

Vitamin B complex supplements are typically made up of eight types of B vitamins, all of which play unique roles in regulating many bodily functions. While many get enough of these vitamins by eating a well-balanced diet, folks in certain populations may benefit from supplementation. This includes pregnant people and those following a strict vegan diet (especially if they don’t like nutritional yeast).

vitamin b
Image via Shutterstock /LumenSt

It’s also been noted that a significant number of people in developed countries are vitamin B deficient and that a B vitamin supplement may be beneficial for the average person, as well. (1) Before deciding if a B complex is the right move, consider some of these key elements. 

Life Circumstances

Since energy levels can be difficult to regulate when a person is pregnant — and because folate and folic acid can help reduce the risk of certain birth irregularities — you might want to chat with your doctor about taking a vitamin B complex if you’re pregnant. 

Current Diet

There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian sources of the most essential forms of vitamin B. But if you’re a vegan who doesn’t like nutritional yeast — which is generally supplemented with B12 — you may have difficulty getting all of the essential B vitamins into your diet. In that case, you might opt for a supplement.

Even if you aren’t vegan, and you feel you may not be getting enough B vitamins in your diet, or you feel low in energy, you may speak to a physician to see if a B complex is the right move for you. 

Form and Flavor

Some folks absolutely cannot stand swallowing capsules. For others, tablets are unbearable. Still, others don’t want the extra calories or sugar that might be associated with gummies. Whichever camp you fall into, there are a few options out there for you to choose between. With vitamin B complexes, most of those options are capsules, but there are a few gummy and tablet options as well. Sometimes you can even find a greens powder with B vitamins. Pick your priorities in form/flavor before digging into your options. 

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Final Word

B vitamins can be important for brain function and energy production, and proper supplementation — in addition to a balanced diet of whole foods — can be helpful. When considering turning to supplementation, always consult a medical professional first. Many folks receive enough vitamin B if they eat a diversified diet. But if you’re pregnant or tend to stick to a vegan diet, you may not be getting the proper amount of B vitamins. 

Be sure to weigh your diet, lifestyle, and flavor/form preferences before diving into this list. But once you’ve chosen your path, this list should be able to guide you to the right B complex for you. Just remember: Try to be consistent when taking vitamin B complex, as it can be more difficult to ascertain the effectiveness of any vitamin if it’s not taken at the same time every day.


What is vitamin B complex good for?

All B vitamins play key roles in maintaining overall health, functioning in everything from cell health to energy storage. While many receive enough B vitamins from a well-balanced diet, some benefit from vitamin B supplementation. 

Do B vitamins keep you up at night?

While some B vitamins may help produce energy, other B vitamins help maintain overall cellular health. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, B vitamins may even aid some folks in falling asleep. 

Is vitamin B good for skin?

There are several different types of vitamin B, some of which may have positive effects on skin. If you’re struggling with skin health, it may be wise to consult a dermatologist of a medical professional. 

What is the best vitamin B supplement?

With so many vitamin B supplements to choose from, it can seem daunting to figure out which one may be the best overall. After much consideration and research, we landed on Swolverine Vitamin B Complex as the overall best vitamin B complex supplement on the market. It contains 100 percent RDI of all but one (B7) of the B vitamins your body needs. It’s inexpensive at about $0.56 per serving, and it only requires you to take one pill per serving.

Are vitamin B complexes expensive?

Vitamin B is one of the more reasonably priced supplements on the market. This list contains supplements that range between about $0.20 and $1.20 per serving with an average of $0.63 per serving. Depending on your needs, you can find a really inexpensive B vitamin without having to compromise on quality.


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