Best Vitamin B Complexes For Vitamin C, Probiotics, and More

Here's how to get more of all eight common B-Vitamins into your diet.

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Contrary to its name, Vitamin B Complex is actually pretty simple. It’s a combination of eight common B-Vitamins into one product. These different compounds include Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. While most folks get enough B Vitamins from eating a well-balanced diet, some may benefit from supplementation, including pregnant women and those who follow a strict vegan or vegetarian diets as well as paleo diets. In general, it’s wise to consult with a medical professional about the specifics of vitamin supplementation

The various nutrients in Vitamin B Complexes contribute to a number of bodily functions, including cellular health, energy levels, and digestion, to name a few. With a seemingly endless amount of Vitamin B supplements available on the market, it’s important to know how to distinguish one from another. We looked at some of the best Vitamin B Complex supplements on the market to choose our top picks. 

The Best Vitamin B Complexes

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Best Overall Vitamin B Complex

This Vitamin B Complex contains eight different water-soluble nutrients as well as Vitamin C, inositol, and choline. Transparent Labs touts supplementing their Vitamin B complex in order to increase energy and carbohydrate metabolism, better hair, skin, and nail health, and improve immunity, longevity, and brain function.

Transparent Labs Vitamin B Complex
Transparent Labs Vitamin B Complex
Transparent Labs Vitamin B Complex

This Vitamin B Complex contains eight different water soluble nutrients as well as vitamin C, inositol, and choline. Transparent Labs touts supplementing their Vitamin B complex in order to increase energy and carbohydrate metabolism, better hair, skin, and nail health, and improve immunity, longevity, and brain function.

Who Should Buy Transparent Labs RawSeries Vitamin B Complex

  • Anyone looking to significantly increase their intake of Vitamin B12, thiamin, and/or riboflavin.
  • Folks paying close attention to their budget.
  • Those who prefer not taking multiple capsules per serving.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Transparent Labs RawSeries Vitamin B Complex

  • Those who don’t want such a high amount of Vitamin B12. One serving contains 41,666 percent of the recommended daily amount.

The other nice benefit of Transparent Labs Vitamin B Complex is how competitively priced it is versus the other top options on the market. The only knock we really found (if it even is one) is the gigantic amount of Vitamin B12 included in a single serving — 41,666 percent of the recommended daily amount.

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Most Thoroughly Tested For Purity

Each two capsule serving of Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex includes a strong dosage of eight types of Vitamin B, marked by a large booster of Vitamin B12. According to third-party testing from, Country Life’s B-Complex was among the highest-ranked in terms of product purity and label accuracy. These vegan capsules are made by a Certified B-Corporation, meaning this is a company striving towards humane and sustainable work practices.

Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex
Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex
Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex

Sporting some of the highest marks for purity in independent third party testing, Country Life’s B-Complex is a straightforward option for folks looking to bolster their B intake. These vegan capsules offer among the largest doses of Vitamin B on the market.

Who Should Buy Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex

  • People who highly value product transparency and ingredient purity.
  • Those who follow vegan diets.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex

  • Anyone on a more stringent budget.
  • Those who don’t enjoy having to ingest more than one capsule per serving.

From a cost per serving perspective, Country Life’s vitamins are a bit pricey when matched up to comparable options and are likely the largest knock against it. The price increase may be worthwhile for those who do appreciate the added transparency and want to be confident about ingredient purity. The only other strike we could muster against this product is it requires taking two capsules for one serving, which some folks may find a bit cumbersome.

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Best Multivitamin

Legion Triumph multivitamin packs over 21 vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Vitamin B12, biotincalcium, potassium, selenium, and more. In terms of Vitamin B specifically, it has 30 milligrams of Vitamin B1, 20 milligrams of Vitamin B2, 100 milligrams each of Vitamins B3 and B5, 15 milligrams of Vitamin B6, and 600 milligrams of Vitamin B12.

Legion Triumph
Legion Triumph
Legion Triumph

This supplement has separate options for men and women and packs over a dozen vitamins and minerals. Each eight-capsule serving contains 500 milligrams of ashwagandha, 30 milligrams of zinc.

Who Should Buy Legion Triumph

  • Those who want the additional vitamins and minerals alongside their Vitamin B supplementation.
  • Active people who would benefit from a daily multivitamin.

Who Shouldn’t BuyLegion Triumph

  • Those who are seeking just to supplement their Vitamin B intake and don’t need the additional vitamins and minerals provided by a multivitamin.
  • Anyone on a tighter budget.

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Best For Vitamin C

Each one-tablet serving contains over 100 percent of the recommended daily value for each of the Vitamin B compounds included. Nature Made includes a particularly strong dose of thiamin. In addition to the Vitamin B available in these tablets, each serving contains 150 milligrams of Vitamin C as ascorbic acid. 

Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets
Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets
Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets

Folks looking for a straightforward source of Vitamin B with an additional kick of Vitamin C may want to check out Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets. Available at a very reasonable price point, each bottle contains a 140 day supply of Vitamin B Complex.

We really liked how competitively priced this product was. That should be a strong reason to give these a thorough amount of consideration when deciding what to purchase if the combination of vitamins it offers lines up with your needs.

Who Should Buy Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets

  • Anyone looking for a nice boost of Vitamin C.
  • Folks who desire to up their thiamin intake.
  • Those not interested in breaking the bank.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets

  • People who value label accuracy.

According to independent testing conducted by, Nature Made Super-B Complex Tablets score high on purity, but quite low on label accuracy. However, since there isn’t much to knock this product on beyond label accuracy, it still places high in our rankings.

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Best Raw Probiotic and Enzyme Blend

Each serving of Garden of Life’s Vitamin B Complex includes strong doses of all 8 Vitamin B compounds, highlighted by a particularly large amount of B12. Supplementing the Vitamin B in Garden of Life’s recipe is 360 milligrams of a raw and organic fruit and vegetable blend, featuring apples, beets, broccoli, and carrots, to name a few. 

Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex
Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex
Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex

In addition to a strong smattering of Vitamin Bs, Garden of Life bolsters their complex with a unique blend of raw organic fruits and vegetables and a raw probiotic and enzyme blend. Intended to provide additional nutrients and digestive support, this unique recipe sets this offering apart from the competition. 

In each two capsule serving, there are 60 milligrams of a probiotic and enzyme blend intended to aid in digestive support. High scores for product purity on It is vegan-friendly and non-GMO project verified. It may also be worth noting for anyone following a low-carb diet that the fruit and veggie blend does not add any calories via carbohydrates.

Who Should Buy Garden of Life’s Vitamin B Complex

  • Anyone interested in the nutritional value added by a strong fruit and veggie blend.
  • Those interested in a large daily dose of Vitamin B12.
  • People with a goal of better digestive support.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Garden of Life’s Vitamin B Complex

  • Anyone who dislikes multiple capsule servings.
  • Those on a tighter budget.

On a per-serving basis, Garden of Life’s offering is a bit more expensive than some of the competing brands on the market so it might price out some customers. However, those who are looking for the added nutritional value of a robust fruit and veggie blend could do well considering this product.

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What To Consider Before Buying

Vitamin B Complex supplements are typically made up of eight types of Vitamin B, all of which play unique roles in regulating many bodily functions. While many get enough of these vitamins by eating a well-balanced diet, folks in certain populations — including pregnant women and those following a strict vegan diet — may benefit from supplementation. After determining that Vitamin B Complex is the right move, weigh some of these key features. 


When comparing Vitamin B Complex options, one of the biggest differences will come down to dosage amounts. Not all brands include the same amounts of each vitamin, and it’s important to pay special attention to the nutrition facts in order to line them up with the needs of your particular diet.

There isn’t a standard combination of vitamin B dosages that any of these products follow nor is there one set for the market-at-large. Knowing what daily percentage increase you’re aiming for each vitamin will help better isolate the best option for you.


When shopping for any supplement, it’s important to know what’s inside each bottle. is a good resource for independent third-party testing and can give a sense of how accurate each nutritional label is. Additionally, it is usually a good move to check to see that there aren’t any unnecessary or artificial ingredients added to the complex’s recipe.

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Additional Features

Almost all Vitamin B complex supplements will include some amount of each of the eight Vitamin Bs. However, some will also add additional ingredients, such as Vitamin C or other natural ingredients, in order to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. Depending on dietary needs, this may be appealing. Try to make sure that those additions match what you are looking for closely, as those additions often come with an increase in the price tag.


Vitamin B Complex is commonly available in capsule or tablet form. It can also be found as a powder or liquid as well if you are someone who is really opposed to swallowing pills. Determining which form is better will ultimately come down to personal preference or lifestyle, as the nutritional value presented in these products does not necessarily change based on the form it is served in.


To determine the cost of a product, divide the total cost of each supplement by the number of servings in that container. That will give you a specific value for each serving to directly compare products. You should be aware that some supplements feature multiple pills per serving. This is important because if two products are the same price and each includes 120 capsules, but one of those products is two capsules per serving, then that product is actually twice as expensive as the other (assuming the nutritional values are equivalent).

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Wrapping Up

When considering turning to supplementation, always consult a medical professional. Many folks receive enough Vitamin B if they eat a well-balanced diet. Try to be consistent when taking Vitamin B Complex as it can be more difficult to ascertain the effectiveness of any vitamin if it’s not taken at the same time every day.


What is Vitamin B Complex good for?

All B-Vitamins play key roles in maintaining overall health, functioning in everything from cell health to energy storage. While many receive enough B Vitamins from a well-balanced diet, some benefit from Vitamin B supplementation. 

Do B Vitamins keep you up at night?

While some B vitamins may help produce energy, other B-Vitamins help maintain overall cellular health. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, B-Vitamins may even aid some folks in falling asleep. 

Is Vitamin B good for skin?

There are several different types of Vitamin B, some of which may have positive effects on skin. If you’re struggling with skin health, it may be wise to consult a dermatologist of a medical professional.