The Best Whey Protein Powders

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With the advent of online shopping, there are literally hundreds of different whey protein powders available to purchase and they all seem to promise that they’re better than their competitors. How can you tell? What is the best whey protein powder, anyway?

It appears everyone has a different way of defining the best protein powder. Some, like whey isolates, are valued by how much protein per gram they contain — the whey with the fewest carbs and fat wins. Other brands seem pretty adamant that the best whey is one without artificial ingredients, and others add extra ingredients, like glutamine and taurine, to for their additional potential benefits.

We tested out dozens of them, from the biggest sellers to the little-known underdogs, to figure our favorites based on goal:

Best Whey Protein for Building Muscle: Dymatize Iso-100
Best Whey Protein for Weight Gain: Isopure Low Carb
Best Whey Protein for Women: PrettyFit Whey
Best Whey Protein for Men: Cellucor Cor-Performance
Best Whey Protein for Weight Loss: FitMiss
Best All-Natural Whey Protein: Muscle Feast Hormone-Free Whey Isolate
Best Value Whey Protein: Bodytech Whey Tech Pro 24

Keep reading for some more detailed breakdowns of our top choices and opinions per category. At the bottom of this article, we’ve also included an infographic describing some common ingredients in whey protein supplements.

Best Whey Protein for Building Muscle

Our favorite whey for building muscle is Dymatize Iso-100Our main reason is that out of all the protein powders we reviewed, Iso-100 is the one that’s comprised mostly of hydrolyzed whey. Hydrolyzed whey (also called whey peptides) absorbs more quickly than other forms of whey, and while the difference is pretty small for recreational athletes, it’s what tipped Iso-100 into our top spot. The Chocolate Fudge flavor tastes excellent with water. Learn more about Dymatize Iso-100 here.

BSN’s Syntha-6 came in second for muscle gain. It’s pretty high in calories with 200 per serving and it contains 15 grams of carbs per 22 grams of protein — and remember if gaining muscle is a priority, you should consume more carbs than protein on rest days. It also tastes great with water, but it does contain artificial ingredients (including soy) which might give you pause.

Ultimate Nutrition Whey Gold was our third favorite for muscle gain. Our main motivation is the fact that it contains waxy maize, a carbohydrate that’s very effective at spiking blood sugar. That means that the nutrients will reach your muscles quickly. It’s also soy-free and tastes great with water.

Best Whey Protein for Weight Gain

Our favorite for gaining weight is Isopure Low Carb .

If your biggest concern is gaining mass, Isopure is a good bet because at 220 calories, it’s the most energy dense of all the whey protein powders we tested. It’s also the most nutritious protein powder we found, containing 50 percent of the recommended daily intake of almost two dozen vitamins and minerals, so it may help you keep your health in check while you deliberately gain weight. Learn more about Isopure Low Carb here.

BSN Syntha-6 is our second favorite for weight gain because at 200 calories per scoop, it’s the second most calorie-dense protein powder that met our approval.

Pro Jym, at 150 calories per serving, is the third most calorie-dense whey protein that passed our quality threshold. That said, it’s a mixture of whey, casein, and egg protein, so it should digest relatively slowly and may boost satiety — which you might not want if you’re hoping to consume a large amount of calories.

Best Whey Protein for Women

For several reasons, PrettyFit is an excellent whey isolate that contains under a gram of carbs and fat per serving. This makes it super low in calories, plus it doesn’t contain any soy — which may be useful for women concerned about consuming phytoestrogens — and it’s free from artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. And despite the fact that it’s lactose-free, it contains five digestive enzymes to minimize stomach problems. Learn more about PrettyFit here.

FitMiss Delight is also an excellent choice for women. It’s ultra low in calories (90 per serving) and it contains a serving of powdered fruits and vegetables for an extra micronutrient boost.

Muscle Feast Hormone-Free Whey Isolate is also a good pick. It’s soy-free, very low in calories (99 per serving), contains no artificial ingredients, and the cows are free-range and aren’t treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Best Whey Protein for Men

Next up, Cellucor Cor-Performance was our favorite protein powder for men. It’s soy-free, contains two digestive enzymes, and it tastes pretty good with water. It also mixes well. Learn more about Cellucor Cor-Performance here.

Pro Jym is also a great protein powder for men. It’s soy-free and because it it’s forty percent casein, it digests slowly and helps you feel full for longer than many fast-digesting whey isolates, so it’s great after a workout or before bed. That said, the chocolate flavor tastes a little bit like space food — we preferred vanilla.

MyProtein The Whey is an underrated protein powder, in our opinion. MyProtein’s whey concentrate (called “Impact”) is very highly regarded in online communities like reddit because it has a good reputation with third party testers, but The Whey is a higher quality product: the first ingredient is whey isolate, it has five digestive enzymes, it’s soy-free, and the chocolate fudge flavor tastes great with water.

Best Whey Protein for Weight Loss

Disclaimer: Please note that none of these products describe themselves as weight loss supplements and should not be taken as such. Please consult with a medical professional before beginning any weight loss protocol.

Because of its ingredient profile, FitMiss Delight was our favorite protein powder for weight loss. As mentioned above, it’s low in calories and contains a hefty dose of greens powder, but its most impressive ingredient? SolaThin™, a protein made from potatoes that’s been shown to help boost satiety, or a feeling of fullness. Learn more about FitMiss Delight here.

Ultimate Nutrition IsoCool is a pretty high-quality protein powder that may be great for weight loss. At 90 calories per serving, it has fewer calories than FitMiss, and it has no carbs or fat either. The main reason we included it is that it tastes great with water, so it’s easy to keep calories even lower by leaving out the milk. (It also contains soy and artificial sweeteners.)

Dymatize Iso-100 is another great pick for weight loss, mostly because it also tastes great with water. It’s a lot cheaper than IsoCool as well, though it is higher in calories (120 per serving).

Best All-Natural Whey Protein

Of the brands we tried, Muscle Feast Hormone-Free Whey Isolate is a remarkably nice all-natural option. It’s made from dairy that’s imported from Germany and it’s free range, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free. There are also no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Learn more about Muscle Feast Hormone-Free Whey Isolate here.

Xwerks Grow is a top-notch whey that’s made from grass-fed dairy imported from New Zealand. Marketed toward functional fitness athletes (Xwerks sponsors CrossFit® superstar Noah Ohlsen), Xwerks has zero grams of carbs or fat per serving.

SFH Pure is our third favorite all-natural whey. The dairy is grass-fed and because it’s a whey concentrate, it contains a gram of fat per serving. (The benefits of grass-fed dairy are confined to the fat content, so a grass-fed whey concentrate is a good thing.) It’s soy-free and contains nothing but whey, natural chocolate flavor, sunflower lecithin, and stevia.

Best Value Whey Protein

We thought BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 was our favorite whey for the value. Whey isolate is the first ingredient, which is extremely unusual for a nicely protein powder. Learn more about BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 here.

Isopure Low Carb was our second favorite pick. It’s a whey isolate, which are usually quite expensive, this one was pretty reasonable. A serving is enormous and provides fifty grams of protein, which is about twice the size of your standard whey. Isopure also added a ton of vitamins and minerals to the product, so it’s also the most nutritious protein powder I tried.

Muscle Feast Hormone-Free Whey Isolate is also extremely good value. It’s a good value for any whey protein, great value for a whey isolate, and incredible value for a grass-fed, hormone-free, naturally sweetened whey protein.

Whey Protein Powder Ingredients

Whey Protein Powder Infographic

What Are the Benefits of Whey Protein Powder?

There are plenty of myths about whey protein powder, but here’s the main benefit: it’s a cheap, convenient source of protein.

That’s nothing to sneeze at. Typically, protein is the most expensive of the three macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) and most people fall far short of the protein intake that’s generally recommended for people who are regularly undertaking strenuous physical exercise: one gram per pound of bodyweight. On top of that, whey is a complete protein that contains all the essential amino acids necessary to spur muscle growth.

There’s plenty of debate as to whether or not you have to consume a protein shake after a workout — that is to say, whether a post-workout shake significantly improves recovery and muscle growth.

However as we said earlier, if you’re regularly engaging in strenuous exercise, you do need to consume a relatively large amount of protein (and calories overall) to build muscle, recover properly, and become stronger for the next workout. Whey is a fantastic way to do that.

Final Word

It wasn’t easy to land on these top protein powders; we had to weigh ingredients, effectiveness, taste, and many other factors, including the fact that different consumers value totally different qualities in their health supplements. But we’re confident that we’ve selected the best whey proteins no matter what your reasons are for turning to protein shakes. All we can say now is: bottoms up!


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