Watch Powerlifter Brandon Striegel Deadlift 700lbs For a Set Of 6

Striegel makes this monster set look like a warm up.

You might not have heard of Brandon Striegel yet as he only hit the competitive powerlifting scene last year when he debuted at the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) Kentucky Open Powerlifting Classic in August. He took gold competing in the -110kg weight class in the junior division at that meet just like he did at his second meet four months later; the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) 5th Kentucky State Championships. 

The 20 year old has been crushing a string of personal bests recently despite gyms being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. His most recent came in the form of an unbelievably smooth deadlift set where he pulled 318kg/700lb for a set of 6 with a lot of speed. Check it out below from his Instagram page:

“Need to invest in some kilo plates now to fit more weight.”

That seems like a good problem to have. Streigel’s bodyweight at the time of this set was 232lbs. That means the weight in that video that he is flinging around effortlessly is equivalent to three times his bodyweight. For context, Striegel’s competition deadlift PR, according to Open Powerlifting, is 342.5kg/755lb.

The gym Streigel is training in during this ongoing quarantine appears to be in his basement gym that he calls “The Dungeon”. And it’s obviously an environment he is comfortable in because he has been in there quite a bit this past week and posting some big numbers.

Just six days prior to this PR, Striegel was two pounds lighter and hoisted a different deadlift PR. Below is a post from his Instagram page where he pulled a PR 274kg/605lb for a set of 12:

“This is EASILY the best my deadlift has ever felt. Im confident in a 800 for reps pull here soon. This year is gonna be good.”

It is not certain when Streigel will be able to compete next as many major powerlifting events have had to either postpone or cancel due to the pandemic. But we are excited to watch Streigel pull 363kg/800lb at his next meet.

Feature image from Brandon Streigel’s Instagram page: @brandon_striegel