Brett Wilkin Smashes a Leg Workout at The Lair In Las Vegas, PRs His Hack Squat

The IFBB Pro demolished legs at a bodyweight of 281 pounds.

Open Division bodybuilder Brett “The Butcher Wilkin took on a brutal leg session for Jay Cutler TV on Aug. 4, 2022. The workout at retired seven-time 212 Olympia champion Flex Lewis’s Las Vegas gym, The Lair, was hard and heavy. Wilkin has much to prove this competition season and has made significant progress in his off-season.

 Wilkin was all business, starting the workout with heavy hack squats with 10 45-pound weight plates on each side following his warm-up. Check it out below:

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Wilkin’s Leg Workout

Wilkin’s leg workout is programmed with heavy compound movements. They alternated between quad dominant, hamstring dominate, and calf movements. Wilkin has put a lot of emphasis on bringing up his legs during his off-season by training them twice weekly.

Calf Raises, Machine Adductors, & Hack Squats

Wilken included a few sets of donkey calf raises and the machine adductor exercise to warm up his calves and knees. It also primed his hips before hopping into his first heavy compound movement.

The working portion of Wilkin’s workout is his bread and butter. Wilkin progressively overloaded hack squats, working his way up to 10 45-pound weight plates on each collar for sets of 10-12 reps — what Wilkin considered a lifetime PR. To put additional tension on the quads, he maintained slow eccentrics.

I really pushed it on that Hack Squat. I might have pushed that much weight before but not for 10-12 repetitions.

Wilkin’s legs were shaking by the end of his top set. He needed his upper body strength and assistance from his spotters to get off the platform.

Hamstring Curls, Leverage Squats, & Leg Press

Wilkin gave his quads a break to hit hamstring-focused movements like the lying hamstring curls followed by seated hamstring curls. Hitting the hamstrings from different angles allowed Wilkin to work them in both the lengthened and shortened positions.

With Wilkin’s quads and hamstrings fully activated, it was time to hop on the leverage squat machine — another squat variation with quad emphasis — and stack on the plates.

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The benefit of the leverage squat versus a traditional squat is Wilkin can load more weight with less stress on the joints, especially his knees. While squats will always be the king of leg movements, sometimes a more thoughtful approach needs to be utilized for the longevity of a bodybuilder’s career. 

As if he didn’t have jello legs by now, “The Butcher ” finished his leg workout with alternating single-leg leg presses. He worked up to eight plates on each side. He opted for a unilateral movement to close his training to remedy any strength imbalances while adding mass to his legs.

Full Leg Workout

Below is each exercise in the order performed by Wilken at The Lair during his leg workout:

  • Donkey Calf Raise
  • Thigh Adduction Machine
  • Hack Squats
  • Lying Leg Curls
  • Seated Leg Curls
  • Leverage Squat Machine
  • Single-Leg Leg Press

Wilkin trained very heavy through progressive overload, taking every working set to apparent mechanical failure.

Off to Spain

The intensity of Wilkin’s leg workout combined with the higher rep counts will likely help him build up his legs to match his upper body better. His awareness of muscle imbalances and methodology to remove them could improve his capacity to pack on size for his next trip onto the competition stage in Spain on Nov. 27, 2022, for the 2022 IFBB Big Man Pro.

I am just going to diet, [be] as conditioned as I can, and…get the [Olympia] qualification for next year.

Featured image: @brett_wilkin on Instagram