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Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar

Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar Review

Trap bars are one of the best ways for any level athlete to properly deadlift since the design is more aligned with your body compared to a barbell, leading to better form and a more natural feeling

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Force USA Ranger Barbell Review

Anyone who is new to weightlifting and is looking for a solid barbell to handle their lifting needs may want to take a long, hard look at the Force USA Ranger Barbell. The moderate knurling won’t tear

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Force USA Gunner Barbell Review

If you’re in the market for a new barbell that can handle your Olympic, CrossFit, or powerlifting needs, the Force USA Gunner Barbell may be the one for you, as it can be used for all of the above.

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Again Faster Evolution Barbell

Again Faster Evolution Barbell Review

When adding a new barbell to your home gym, you’ll likely want one that can handle all of your lifting needs. From powerlifting to cross-training to Olympic lifts, the Again Faster Evolution Barbell is able to handle it

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