2018 Reebok CrossFit Games News

Emily Abbott Responds to CrossFit Games Ban

Emily Abbott Responds to 4-Year Ban for Breach of CrossFit Games Drug Policy

Yesterday, CrossFit HQ released a list of athletes who were in breach of their drug policy following the 2018 CrossFit Regionals competition. This list originally included 13 names (but has increased to 14 as of now with the addition...
6 Reebok CrossFit Games Athletes In Breach of CrossFit Drug Policy

Five 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Athletes, Including Emily Abbott, Fail Drug Tests

CrossFit HQ just released the full list of Regionals athletes in breach of CrossFit's drug policy, and the list contains handfuls of high-profile names. Five of the names listed below were 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games-bound (including two individual athletes, and...
2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Prizes

How Much Money Is On the Line At the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games?

We're about three weeks out from the start of the 2018 Reebok CrossFit games, and the hype behind top athletes continues. Roughly a week ago, we wrote an article covering the decision to continue keeping the Reebok CrossFit Games...
Tia Clair Toomey OHS

Learn What Drives CrossFit Games Champion Tia Toomey in this Short New Documentary

"I wanna get fit to be a better version of myself. And if i can be a better version of myself, I feel unstoppable and feel like I can go out and achieve whatever I want to achieve."With the...
2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Road Bike Hint

Dave Castro Hints Street Bikes Will Be In 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games

CrossFit athletes and fans prepare yourselves, because Dave Castro's normal string of Reebok CrossFit Games event hints are upon us.Yesterday, Castro dropped the first hint for the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games individual competitors, and of course, it's already sparked...
Brent Fikowski All In

Watch Part Two of the Brent Fikowski Documentary

If you’ve been a fan of CrossFit for a while, you’ve probably watched your fair share of documentaries. CrossFit HQ takes media and marketing very, very seriously, to the point that their annual feature-length film about the Reebok CrossFit...
CrossFit Canadian athletes

Fantasy CrossFit Is Back for 2018

In year two of CrossFit Pick ‘Em, the prize has doubled: two million dollars is up for grabs for the athlete/fan who can correctly guess the top ten men, top ten woman, and top five teams at the 2018...
Patrick Vellner Road to the Games

Road to the Games: Watch the Hour-Long 2018 CrossFit Regionals Documentary

As the Reebok CrossFit Games approach, CrossFit’s media machine is in overdrive and HQ is churning out fantastic, high quality videos with regularity. Along with the CrossFit Games Update Studio, the new Brent Fikowski documentary series, scores of Regionals...
Reebok CrossFit Games Extends Madison, Wisconsin Contract

Reebok CrossFit Games Set to Stay in Madison Through 2021

Earlier today at a Reebok CrossFit Games press conference, Dave Castro, Justin Bergh, and others from CrossFit HQ dropped news in respects to what fans and athletes can expect for the location of Reebok CrossFit Games for the next...
Megan Benz

3 More CrossFit Regionals Athletes Test Positive for Doping

Three more CrossFit athletes have tested positive for banned substances and have been disqualified from the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games season.CrossFit HQ announced the decision on their website, naming the athletes and the substances they took:Gena Malkovskiy (Europe Region):...


Here’s the Story Behind Kiribati’s Dancing Weightlifter, David Katoatau

There have been some impressive, inspiring, and downright jaw-dropping weightlifting performances so far at the Rio Olympics, but one story seems to stand above the rest....

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