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Overhead Press Plateau

5 Tips to Bust Through an Overhead Press Plateau

Are you dedicated to your overhead press? Making sure you’re getting in upper body compound exercises that aren’t just the bench press? Are you sure your form is beautiful—tight core, tight quads, tight

Bodyweight Mobility Drills

4 Bodyweight Warm-Up and Cool-Down Mobility Drills

Having a well-balanced routine is something that everyone from the most elite of athletes to your everyday gym-goers want to achieve. I have found that incorporating more bodyweight exercises that focus on mind-body

Pressing Variations for Explosiveness

8 Pressing Variations to Improve Upper Body Power

Upper body power and explosiveness is essential for Olympic weightlifting, athletic sports, and overall functional fitness. Performing standard exercises with constant speeds and tempos can develop strength and muscle, but can sometimes lack


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