Best Exercises for Lifting Belts

What Exercises Are Best for Weight Lifting Belts?

When reaching for a weight lifting belt, what exercises signal the need to use one? Are they movements that you feel a belt benefits, movements that warrant a belt's use based off of what's presented on social channels and...
Grip Training Lessons From Strength Pioneers

3 Grip Tips and a Workout from Old Timey Strongmen

The prisoner was discovered, and he then had but one option: he must escape… He threw himself at the gate and shook the bars violently, but the iron refused to bend. The guards advanced in the dark, and we...
BarBend Leanbean Review

Leanbean Fat Burner Review – Why Is It Female-Focused?

Fat burners are one of the most enticing supplements on the market. Can I really just take a pill and lose fat? Leanbean presents an interesting and often compelling case.Squarely marketed at women, the product aims to be an...
Pull Ups

American Airlines Passenger Won’t Stop Doing Pull-Ups, Forces Emergency Landing

There’s a time and a place to work on lat strength and a five-hour flight across the United States is not one of them.On Monday night, American Airlines flight 2763 was just trying to make the regular flight from...
dymatize vs isopure

Isopure Vs. Dymatize – Which Low-Carb Whey Is Best?

These are two protein powders that deserve recognition for the indelible impact they’ve made on the industry.The first is Isopure, which may well be the most popular whey isolate on Earth. (We don’t have the exact numbers but judging...

10 Box Jump Variations to Boost Strength, Explosiveness, and Athleticism

The box jump is a plyometric exercise that is used by strength, power, fitness, and sports athletes to increase lower body power and explosiveness. While most of us are familiar with the box jump, it is important to understand...
meal replacements and vegetables

Are Meal Replacements Actually Healthy?

The very idea of “meal substitute” is enough to send quakes of fear through a room of health nuts. After all, the mantra of a healthy lifestyle is always “real food,” followed closely by “whole food.” In in industry...
woman circus dumbbell overhead arnold

Why Women Can Handle More Training Volume Than Men

Strong /strôNG/ adjective: having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.Based on Google's top definition of the word, you can plainly see how anything strength-related has always had more of a masculine filter to...
Adidas Powerlift 3.1

Best Weightlifting Shoes for Wide Feet

Let's call it what it is, but weightlifting shoes are an investment. They're a pair of shoes that come with a very specific purpose, so they're only going to be wear the on limited occasions. Factor in that you'll...

How Timed Holds Can Improve Your Squat, Bench, and Deadlift

Back in the 1960s, the iron game world was a lot smaller than it is today. Now, we’re nearly overwhelmed by choices — what websites to read, which barbell is best, what shoes to wear, and dozens or hundreds...


6 Best Foam Roller Exercises for the Upper and Lower Back

Foam rolling is one of the many go-to methods for myofascial release (which is release or loosening of the thin sheath that covers our...

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