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goblet squat with lowering

3 Goblet Squat Variations to Make Leg Day Fun Again

The goblet squat has revolutionized the way the squat is being performed and taught throughout the world. Especially for folks who struggle with maintaining correct form during barbell squats, the goblet squat is

thor bjornsson larry wheel arm wrestling

Watch Thor Bjornsson and Larry Wheels Arm Wrestle for Glory

If you’re not following him yet, YouTube personality Jon “Jujimufu” Call has a phenomenal channel that features all the biggest names in strength sports, from Jen Thompson and Stefi Cohen to Clarence Kennedy and Cailer Woolam.. Lately

How to Watch 2019 Arnold Sports Festival

How to Watch the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival LIVE

We’re less than one day out from the official kick off of the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. This year, the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival begins on Thursday, February 28th in Columbus, Ohio, and


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