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Hip Thrust Vs Back Squat Glutes

Hip Thrust Vs. Back Squat for Glute Development

Glute development is key for strength, power, and fitness athletes, everyday individuals, and aesthetics. When looking to increase glute hypertrophy and strength, some lifters will suggest that performing squats alone can be sufficient.

Trap Bar Deadlifts

4 Benefits of the Trap Bar Deadlift

The trap bar deadlift is a strength movement that has a wide application to sport athletes, lifters, and general fitness. In this article we will dig deeper into four benefits of the trap

How Often Train Arms

How Often Should You Train Arms?

Training the arms is for more than vanity. Sure, having big biceps and thick triceps can improve overall strength and performing in movements like the bench press and pull-ups, but they can also

Op-Ed: These Are the 10 Best Lifts, Fight Me

With the exception of 1-rep max smith machine squats (just say no), just about any exercise can serve a purpose in a well-designed workout routine. But most trainers will tell you that some


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