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Diamondback Fitness Giveaway

25 Days of Gifting: Diamondback Fitness Giveaway

There are five more days until Christmas, which means we have less than a week left of BarBend’s 25 Days of Lifting…Gifting campaign. Today’s giveaway is our biggest yet, and we’re super excited about it. For

Mighty Bear Prints BarBend Giveaway

25 Days of Gifting: Mighty Bear Prints

The seventeenth day in our 25 Days of Lifting…Gifting campaign features the most unique giveaway yet. For this giveaway, we’ve teamed up with Mighty Bear Prints, the custom strength enthusiast apparel brand that brings the love

Kettlebell Kitchen Giveaway

25 Days of Gifting: Kettlebell Kitchen Giveaway

For the fifteenth day in BarBend’s 25 Days of Lifting…Gifting campaign we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite meal delivery services. For today’s giveaway, one lucky winner will be walking away with a week of a

Dumbbell Snatch Exercise Guide

The dumbbell snatch is a total body exercise that can be beneficial for increasing total body power, strength, and metabolic endurance. Many strength and fitness athletes will find that training the dumbbell snatch

Isopure Giveaway

25 Days of Gifting: Isopure Giveaway

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is we are officially past the halfway point in BarBend’s 25 Days of Lifting…Gifting campaign, so there’s only two more weeks of giveaways. The good

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