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Is Red Meat Bad for You?

A lot of people see the demonization of red meat as a relic of 1980s food science, a time when it was believed that fat made you fat and jogging was the greatest

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5 Reasons You Should Rethink Pea Protein Powder

It’s hard to convince people that there’s any merit to protein that doesn’t come from an animal. “It’s not complete.“ “It has too many carbs.” “It contains antinutrients. It’s the natural enemy of

Omega 3 Supplement

The 7 Best Reviewed Omega-3 Supplements 2019

Fish oil pills — and other kind of Omega-3 supplements, which we’ll discuss below — are among of the toughest supplements to buy. They’ve been linked to scores of benefits, everything from lower

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7 Easy Keto Snacks to Eat On the Go

The ketogenic diet is all about the macros: your calories need to be at least 50 percent fat and the rest is a roughly even split of protein and carbs. There’s no slipping


The Pros and Cons of MCT Oil for Athletes

It stands for medium-chain triglycerides and it’s one of the most talked about fats in fitness. It’s often sold on its own as a kind of tasteless oil, but over 50 percent of


Is Gluten Actually Bad for You?

It makes bread stretchy and it’s actually a darn good source of quality protein, but for many athletes gluten is a boogeyman to be feared. It’s forbidden on the Paleo diet, it’s forbidden

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What Is the Vertical Diet?

2018’s World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson follows it. Four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw follows it. Stan Efferding invented The Vertical Diet to meet the needs of the world’s most elite athletes, but

Are Negative Calorie Foods Really a Thing?

The theory goes like this: since digestion is a function the body performs, it needs energy to do so. Calories are your fuel for everything from blinking to lifting, and the process of


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