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What Your First Year of Weightlifting Really Means

“Loaders tighten that weight up, we will see Elliott following himself. He has another attempt…” These words will burn themselves into your subconscious. The verbalization that you have for the moment, failed. The

6 Reasons Why You May Be Collapsing In the Clean

Collapsing in the catch of the clean is a common issue with weightlifters and Crossfitters. In this article, we will discuss the potential technical faults and or strength limitations that may be responsible,

4 Exercises to Improve Overhead Performance in WODs

Overhead positioning is a primary aspect of many functional fitness workouts (WODs) and training programs. Whether it is pressing, jerking, HSPU, pull ups, and/or any other variation with a wall ball or kettlebell, proper overhead

How the Culture of Fitness Gets Inside You

Editors note: Katie Rose Hejtmanek, Ph.D. is a cultural anthropologist conducting research on the culture of strength sports in the United States. This is the fourth of an in-depth series introducing readers to her