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The Three Best Strongman Moves for Weightlifters

Tradition. It runs strong and deep in weightlifting. Many coaches have used the exact same exercises and programs for decades with great success. Experimentation is often frowned upon and hence avoided. It is

Weightlifting Is Life

Most elite sports competitors probably feel an intense bond with their craft, teammates, and coaches. Weightlifting doesn’t have the same effect on every person, but for many in our small but growing community,

The Deadlift, Demystified

It is the ultimate test of power and brute force. An athlete versus a bar — without technical ability hindering most lifters. Bend down, grip with all your might, and then stand straight

The Mat Fraser Show Has Begun

Days after the final weekend of the 2016 CrossFit Regionals, we’re already looking ahead to the Games. The internet is abuzz with Games predictions, and like last year, Mat Fraser tops many lists. As

Attention Strongmen: (Split) Jerks Needed!

While weightlifting calls for highly specialized athletes who have narrowed their focus to just two lifts, a Strongman must be a jack of all trades, capable of a multitude of ever changing tasks.