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Category: Podcast

James Newbury

James Newbury: What It Takes to Succeed in CrossFit

James Newbury is the 5th Fittest Man on Earth, a 4-time Australia’s Fittest Man, and one of the most cerebral athletes we’ve ever spoken with. Learn about the changes to training, nutrition, and

Danny Camargo

Podcast: Athlete Driven Success with Danny Camargo

Danny Camargo leads one of the largest and most successful weightlifting programs in the United States. Himself a former international-level lifter, Danny’s Team Oly Concepts is a major force for the sport here

Liz Adams

Podcast: Mental Strength with Liz Adams

How do you self-identify? What happens when life takes a U-turn and you undergo a fundamental shift in how you operate as a person, athlete, or coach? And how the people around you

Dave Spitz Weightlifting Coach

Podcast: The Pinnacle of Cal Strength with Dave Spitz

With a nickname like “The Godfather,” Dave Spitz is clearly doing something right. The founder and mastermind behind much of California Strength’s growth, he’s a massive figure in American weightlifting. His team (not to