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Greg Nuckols

Greg Nuckols: A Better Way to Approach Strength Research

Greg Nuckols, world record setting powerlifter and founder of Stronger By Science, walks us through his unorthodox career, the coolest strength sports, and bridging the gap between studies and what’s actually useful in

Brandon Heavey

From NASA to Fitness with Brandon Heavey

Brandon Heavey’s story is epic: He’s a former NASA engineer who, after a personal fitness revelation, decided to change careers and become a fitness trainer. Heavey swapped Mars rovers for squat cycles and

James Newbury

James Newbury: What It Takes to Succeed in CrossFit

James Newbury is the 5th Fittest Man on Earth, a 4-time Australia’s Fittest Man, and one of the most cerebral athletes we’ve ever spoken with. Learn about the changes to training, nutrition, and

Danny Camargo

Podcast: Athlete Driven Success with Danny Camargo

Danny Camargo leads one of the largest and most successful weightlifting programs in the United States. Himself a former international-level lifter, Danny’s Team Oly Concepts is a major force for the sport here

Liz Adams

Podcast: Mental Strength with Liz Adams

How do you self-identify? What happens when life takes a U-turn and you undergo a fundamental shift in how you operate as a person, athlete, or coach? And how the people around you