5 Powerlifting Lessons From a Zen Monk

As a lay zen monk with the Kwan Um School of Zen and long-time lifter of all things heavy, it has thrilled me to see so many articles about the benefits meditation has on the strength athlete. I have...
Chakera Holcomb Squat 500 lbs for Three

Powerlifter Chakera Holcomb Squats an Epic 227kg Raw Triple

Powerlifter Chakera Holcomb is often described as one of (if not) the strongest female in the sport of powerlifting right now, and for good reason. In 2018 alone, she's made a more than compelling case for her top spot and...
Important Deadlift Cues to Remember

Through the Bar: 4 Ways to Cue the Deadlift for Stronger Pulls

I'm not going to lie, I love the conventional deadlift. It's by far my favorite movement to train and strongest lift on the platform by far, but unfortunately, it's also the most taxing on my body. In a perfect...
Ben Pollack Core Training

3 Ab Exercises That Will Actually Help Your Lifts

Abs are probably the favorite and the most controversial muscle group of them all, regardless of whether you’re training for aesthetics or strength. Makes sense: not only are they the centerpiece of a phenomenal physique, but they’re also part...
Emily Hu squat

How I Trained My Motor Cortex to Help Me Squat More

People ask me all the time what the secret to bigger lifts is. It’s easy to assume that world records are won solely by having the biggest muscles, but building muscle is just one aspect of increasing strength. There’s...
Meg Squats Grandma

Watch Meg Squats’ Hilarious “Powerlifting Grandma” Prank

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, at the bodybuilding Mecca that is Gold’s Gym, Meg Gallagher has pulled off one of our favorite fitness pranks of all time. Gallagher, better known to the lifting community as Meg Squats, is an elite powerlifter...
Andrea White Smokes a 220kg Deadlift

Masters Powerlifter Andrea White (67kg) Smokes a 220kg (485 lb) Deadlift

If you live in Texas, then there's a good chance you felt a minor earthquake from Masters powerlifter Andrea White's latest deadlift PR. Currently, White is in prep for the USPA National Powerlifting, Bench Press, and Deadlift Championships, which...
Clifton Pho

5 Reasons Every Powerlifter Needs to Compete

We all know the reasons why people do not compete: they want to get stronger first, they want to lose weight first, they want to have a block of time to dedicate to training first, and so on. We also...
Jen Thompson Powerlifting Champion Pre-Meet Meal

8 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Champions Share Their Pre-Meet Meals

Have you ever wondered what some of the top powerlifting athletes eat before they compete? Maybe it's just me, or maybe you've wondered the same. With the conclusion of the 2018 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, I was curious...
Ray Williams 398.5kg deadlift

Ray Williams Sets Deadlift Record and Wins 2018 IPF World Championships

The best raw male powerlifter in the IPF is once again the best raw male powerlifter in the IPF — Ray “Ray Ray” Williams has won the 2018 World Championships. If we had to pick one lift Williams is known...


10 “Unhealthy” Foods That Are Great for Athletes

Nutrition is an insanely confusing minefield of bro science, half truths, and bad studies. Add all that to the fact that it’s just as...

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