Brute Showdown Finale: Does the Bodybuilder, Weightlifter, CrossFitter, or Powerlifter Win?

"Actually, I really suck at soccer. I got kicked out when I was about 9 years old, the coach said I was too aggressive with the other kids when they'd come after the ball, so I think the last...
Isabella von Weissenberg 495lb deadlift

Powerlifter Isabella von Weissenberg “Accidentally” PRs her Deadlift at 495lb

There are few powerlifting fans today who don’t know Isabella von Weissenberg’s name. The Swedish IPF athlete is a bona fide phenomenon in the sport, regularly setting world records on the stage and quietly breaking them again in training.We...

Elbow Tuck and Flare In the Bench Press: How to Find the Perfect Amount

In the last few weeks, the bench press has gotten a ton of attention across the internet and social media. Strength athletes from all walks of life are searching and talking about the bench press more than normal, and...
Rostislav Petkov 305kg squat

Powerlifter Rostislav Petkov Sets New World Record Total

Bulgarian-born powerlifter Rostislav Petkov had a good weekend. A force to be reckoned with in the -165lb weight class, he competed at the hotly anticipated Kern US Open and became the lightest man to ever hit a 600 Wilks....
Chakera Holcomb Wilks Score

Chakera Holcomb Sets Highest All-Time Wilks Score By Nearly 30 Points

This past weekend, there were a ton of insane strength feats that went down at the Kern US Open, but none may be as impressive as Chakera Holcomb's performance to set the highest all-time Wilks Score.At the Kern US...
Stefi Cohen Kern US Open

Watch Stefi Cohen’s New World Record 518lb Deadlift at 119lb Bodyweight

Dr. Stefanie Cohen needs no introduction for most powerlifters. A force in the sport, she also has a state record in Olympic weightlifting and spent time as a member of the under 17 Venezuelan soccer team, but it’s fair...
Hassan El Belghiti 700lb deadlift

Watch Hassan El Belghiti’s World Record 4.8x Bodyweight Deadlift

When’s the last time you saw someone a man deadlift over 4.8 times his bodyweight? If the answer was “never” you’d be in a majority. It’s a feat rarely accomplished and though it has been done on a few...
Kern US Open Preview

The Ultimate Kern US Open Powerlifting Preview (Who & How to Watch)

Powerlifting fans rejoice: One of the biggest powerlifting meets of the year is about to kick off this weekend, and believe me, you don't want to miss it.The Kern US Open is taking place in San Diego, California and...
women pull-up

A Ladies’ Guide to Your First Pull-Up

It's possibly the most difficult bodyweight movement for women to learn. One of the fundamental building blocks of many calisthenic movements. The white rabbit many of us have been chasing through the metaphorical wonderland known as the gym for...
bodybuilder crossfitter powerlifter weightlifter posing

Watch This Deadlift-Off With a Powerlifter, CrossFitter, Bodybuilder, and Weightlifter

As a website that focuses on powerlifting, weightlifting, and CrossFit, we know it’s kind of a silly question to ask “who would win” in various fitness-related scenarios, but it sure is fun to think about.The guys over at Brute...


Could This Armband Make the Apple Watch Great for Lifting?

Wearable fitness trackers have become a common piece of technology for those who like to track their workouts. The most common trackers on the market...

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