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Category: Pro Tips

jolly fellows in the gym

3 Ways To Program More Fun Into Your Training

Sometimes you’re sore, tired, or uninspired, and the last thing you want to do is your 5×5 squat training. You need a little kickstart. This is the time to program some ‘fun’ into

screaming deadlift featured

How To Go Back To The Gym The Wrong Way

Figuring out when to go back to the gym isn’t about you — it’s about everyone around you. But as gyms reopen in states across the country, getting back to the gym is

goblet squat

What to Do If You’re Squat or Deadlift Dominant

While different coaches have different opinions on the topic, I would argue that if your back squat is more than 85 percent of your deadlift, then you’re squat dominant and probably should devote