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Category: Pro Tips


Why Yoga Is Necessary For Strength Athletes

So you’re a strength athlete, but you secretly think it’s super badass when your yogi friends just flip themselves into headstands that look as natural as a barbell-only warmup set. If you’re a

Dillon King

The Best Resources for LGBTQ+ Strength Athletes

Creating a community of strength athletes for yourself when you’re a queer lifter can be… complicated. Transphobia and homophobia in strength sports, well, it’s not non-existent. There’s the gendered competition categories that often

jujimufu flexibility training

How Jacked People Can Do the Splits (With Jujimufu)

Jon Call, better known as Jujimufu, first gained wide national exposure on America’s Got Talent when he did something few ever thought they’d see: an extraordinarily bulky, muscular man pulling of a full