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Reebok Legacy Lifters

Reebok Legacy Lifters Review

The Reebok Legacy Lifters were constructed and designed with pure Olympic weightlifting in mind, making these shoes Reebok’s first true weightlifting shoe in some time. The Reebok Legacy Lifters were inspired by and

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Sunwarrior Ormus Super Greens Review

With more and more people ditching vitamins for greens powders, I decided to test out Ormus Super Greens, the “probiotic greens superfood.” The product is manufactured by Sunwarrior, a Utah-based health food company that specializes

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Harbinger Contoured FlexFit™ Belt Review

Harbinger is a company that makes supportive strength gear for multiple types of athletes. Whether you’re a powerlifter, weightlifter, or a recreational lifter, chances are Harbinger makes a piece of equipment marketed at

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PharmaFreak Greens Freak Greens Powder Review

With promises like one scoop delivering the antioxidants of a dozen serves of vegetables, the greens powder industry seems intent on replacing the multivitamin. Made from the freeze-dried or light-dried remains of fruits, vegetables and herbs,

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Harbinger 4″ Nylon Lifting Belt Review

Harbinger is known worldwide for their supportive strength gear. Their supportive gear covers a variety of needs including powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and recreational lifting. Chances are you’ve seen their equipment in a gym at

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Rogue Ohio Lifting Belt

Rogue Ohio Leather Lifting Belt Review

Rogue Fitness was founded in 2006 and has grown a substantial amount since their first production of lifting equipment. They’re based in Ohio and have over 500 employees. In 2016, USA Weightlifting signed a

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