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History of Powerlifting

The Fascinating Untold History of Powerlifting

To me, there is nothing more humbling than watching the powerlifters train in my local gym. Huddled around a barbell, sniffing ammonia, slapping each other’s backs and violently screaming as they rip weights

6 Best Leg Exercises for Mass

Strong legs are keys for strength, power, and fitness sports. Acquiring strong legs takes arduous training, consistent effort, and an understanding of the various muscle groups and movements that should be prioritized within

Austrian Oak

Arnold Strongman South America Preview

The strongman competitive season has been in full swing and there have been many memorable moments place in North America, Australia, and Europe. Now we move on to South America where the Arnold

Best Back Exercises

A strong back is not only a symbol of strength and power amongst lifters, but it can be the key to a big squat, bench press, deadlift. Building a strong and healthy back

women strength sports history

The Untold History of Women in Strength Sports

Immersed in a cultural moment in which it may seem that strong women are more celebrated than ever, are women in fitness in fact bursting into weight rooms, packing on plates, cranking out


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