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Muscle-Up Guide

How to Do Muscle-Ups — Progressions, Benefits, and More

The muscle-up is an advanced bodyweight movement that requires upper body strength, total body coordination, and midline stability. Many fitness goers and competitive fitness athletes alike seek to master the muscle-up and it’s

Crowded Gym? Try These One-Dumbbell Workouts

Imagine these scenarios. You walk into the gym ready to train and it’s packed, and all the squat racks and benches are taken. Or your boss calls you into work early because of

push-up variations

5 Different Types of Push-Ups for Every Fitness Goal

Having the ability to regress, progress, and integrate a wide array of push-up variations within training programs is key for overall performance and growth. Beginners and advanced lifters and athletes alike can benefit

double kettlebell

5 Unusual Explosive Movements for Building Power

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, being able to generate maximum power is an ability that needs to be conditioned just like any other fitness attribute. Many of us may assume that power

Paul Biryukov chinup featured

3 Longevity Benefits of a Super Strong Grip

The human hand is almost the perfect gripping machine. With our long opposable thumbs that allows us to grip, its is a throwback to our great ancestors that use to swing from the

Ankle Mobility Drills

3 Foolproof Exercises to Improve Ankle Mobility

For all athletes, and particularly weightlifters, being able to access full range of motion in the ankles is a movement characteristic that may easily be overlooked. Not being able to access full range