These CrossFitters’ Dogs Steal the Spotlight from Their Famous Owners

CrossFit Regionals season is great, but it’s just so…much…fitness. Midway through the last weekend, I’m exhausted from watching all the fitness and looking forward to an AMRAP nap with a dog, particularly Fran the bulldog.

Famously named after the CrossFit workout “Fran”, owner Christmas Abbott named Fran after “Fran” because she wanted to learn to love the brutal thruster/pull-up workout — but Fran has shown more judging aptitude than athletic prowess. She thinks those burpees are a good rep, drool-worthy even.

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Pups are as much of a part of the CrossFit community as flexing and pre-wod. My favorite athletes are basically my favorite because of their canine friends. After all, no one has ever heard of a “gym cat,” though Allison McKail‘s dog Luke Skywalker has some definite feline, “pay attention to me” tendencies. 

As far as I’m concerned, if HQ really wanted to up the CrossFit Games coverage, they’d have CrossPup Games alongside it: cardboard box shredding for time, max effort hotdog catches, a sit/lie down/roll over complex, deep conversations about performance enhancing Milkbones. Chyna Cho‘s pup, Kai, is showing great aptitude as a future CrossPup Games winner, as seen here during shuttle sprint training.

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Don’t worry Dave Castro, I’ll handle the programming. The pinnacle event will be a Max Effort Nap while Athletes are Working Out. Dani Horan‘s pup Hawks is currently the frontrunner, but who knows how he’ll handle the pressure when barbells get involved.

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We can’t have a conversation about gym dogs without talking about Maximus Ohlsen. While we know Maximus has the star potential of his famous exercising dad, Noah Ohlsen, it’s unclear if Maximus can live up to family athletic potential. Maximus may suffer from a case of Child Star Syndrome, as it seems his dad may want this more than him.