Weightlifter Eishiro Murakami Squats 365kg/805lbs With a Wild Walkout

Check out +109kg Japanese weightlifter Murakami's latest squat PR!

Japanese +109kg  weightlifter Eishiro Murakami has made a name for himself when it comes to squatting insane weight and following it with a nail biting walkout.

In Murakami’s latest Instagram video, he squats a strong 365 kilograms (805 pounds) and gives everyone watching a stressful experience with his walkout and racking of the bar. The lift itself was completed relatively quickly, but the bar is oscillating and whipping a serious amount — watching him walk such a huge weight back onto the slim, rickety squat rack is enough to give almost anyone watching a dose of anxiety.

Check out his huge squat PR, and pay close attention to how composed Murakami stays throughout, especially when re-racking!

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Murakami is fresh off competing at the International Weightlifting Federation’s (IWF) Ready Steady Tokyo, which was a test event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Murakami competed in the +109kg weight class and finished with a 185kg snatch and a 227kg clean & jerk for a total of 412kg. His 412kg total was good enough for a second place finish at the event.

His most impressive snatch of the year, though, was in May at the All Japan Championships where he a national record-setting lift of 188 kilograms. According to his post, at the time he set three national records: the snatch, 226-kilo clean & jerk, and a 414-kilo total. Watch it go up:

On Murakami’s Instagram page, he has in his bio “Road to 400kg Squat!” so we know what the man’s goal is. A year ago, we covered Murakami’s 360kg squat and walkout and he’s continuing to train hard throughout the qualification period for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. We’re eager to see what kind of huge lifts Murakami gets after leading up to the Olympics.

Featured image from @tank_murakami Instagram page.