Check Out Jessica Buettner Deadlift 3x Her Bodyweight For a Triple

Buettner flexing her gains by pulling super heavy in her living room gym.

Just on resume alone, 24-year-old Jessica Buettner of Canada is arguably one of the most impressive powerlifters in the sport. Competing in the -72kg and -84kg weight classes, Buettner has competed in sixteen sanctioned events since her debut at 19 years of age at the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) Saskatchewan Provincials where she placed first in the Junior division with a 352.5kg/777lb total.

Of those sixteen events, Buettner took the gold in fourteen of them. Both outliers were runner-up finishes — one of which was the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) 2019 World Powerlifting Championships won was to the legendary Kimberly Walford.

Buettner’s most recent training highlight is a personal best 220kg/485lb deadlift triple — three times her competition bodyweight — without a belt on her Instagram page from her gym in her living room:

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Buettner’s most recent win came just over two months ago March 3, 2020 — right before the coronavirus pandemic caused stay-at-home orders to be mandated — at CPU Nationals where she came in first by over 113kg/249lb and set three unofficial world records at -72kg. Here were her stats from that event:

  • Squat: 210kg/463lb – Unofficial IPF World Record
  • Bench Press: 102.5kg/226lb
  • Deadlift: 250kg/551lb – Unofficial IPF World Record
  • Total: 562.5kg/1,240lbs – Unofficial IPF World Record

If you missed your chance to see those lifts, we’ve got you covered. Check out each of Buettner’s lifts from 2020 CPU Nationals below courtesy of her Instagram page:


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In a different Instagram post, Buettner shared some insight on the supplements she takes to keep up her training:

“My name is Jessica and I am a creatine addict.”

Whether it’s the creatine, an absurd amount of strength, the drive to compete against to best in the world, or a combination of all three, keep an eye on Buettner as someone to to post some epic numbers once competitions are allowed to resume.

Feature image from Jessica Buettner’s Instagram page: @djessicabuettner