John Haack Bench Presses Nearly 30lb Over Current World Record

An incredible lift performed without bench shoes.

At the United States Powerlifting (USPA) The Tribute event on August 3rd, 2019,  John Haack bench pressed 232.5kg/512.5lb at a bodyweight of 181.6lb on his way to setting an all-time world record total. That bench press was the second heaviest non-tested bench press ever behind the world record of the USPA IPL world records.

On August 20th, Haack shared a video of his training session with 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Champion of the -83kg class Russel Orhii on his Instagram, where Haack hit a 250kg/551lb bench press. That’s a full 13.5kg/29.8lb above Derstine’s current world record.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to see this incredible lift, check out it out below:


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You will notice in the video that Haack is wearing a pair of Nike high tops. He noted that this made the lift more difficult. It was, however, not enough to stop him from lifting 3 times his competition bodyweight (Haack did not mention his current bodyweight in his post).

Didn’t pack my bench shoes, so leg drive wasn’t the best. Excited for the last 5.5 weeks of training before the showdown.

Nick Wright put it best in the comments where he wrote:

Damn!! That was the most silent, unhyped, astronomical PR on the internet.

Haack’s jump to 250kg was particularly huge considering less than a week ago, he performed a top single of 237.5kg/523lb in training.

Although Haack’s next competition at the USPA Magic City Showdown in Birmingham, Alabama on September 19th. We are excited to see what weight he calls for on each of his attempts and if he will be successful potentially moving his name further up the record books.

Feature image from John Haack’s Instagram page: @bilbo_swaggins181