John LaFlamme (93KG) Sets New Masters 4 IPF Raw Squat World Record of 198 Kilograms (436.5 Pounds)

LaFlamme holds the IPF raw squat world records in the Masters 4 83-kilogram and 93-kilogram classes.

John LaFlamme has added another world record to his competitive powerlifting resume. The 71-year-old Masters 4 athlete competed in the 93-kilogram weight class at the 2022 North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) North American Regional Powerlifting Championships on Aug. 14-20, 2022, in Panama City, Panama.

At that contest, LaFlamme called for an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world record weight of 198 kilograms (436.5 pounds) on the barbell for his third squat attempt.

Check out LaFlamme’s new IPF raw squat world record in the video below, courtesy of Mass Lift‘s YouTube channel: 

He already eclipsed the previous IPF raw squat world record of 192.5 kilograms (424.4 pounds) by Christian Buchs on his second attempt. LaFlamme wore a lifting belt and knee sleeves for the lift.

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2022 NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships | John Laflamme (93KG)

Here are LaFlamme’s stats from the 2022 NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships:

  • Squat
    • 180 kilograms (396.8 pounds)
    • 193 kilograms (425.5 pounds)
    • 198 kilograms (436.5 pounds) — New IPF Raw World Record
  • Bench Press
    • 92.5 kilograms (203.9 pounds) 
    • 100 kilograms (220.5 pounds) 
    • 107.5 kilograms (237 pounds) 
  • Deadlift
    • 210 kilograms (463 pounds)
    • 227.5 kilograms (501.5 pounds)
    • 230 kilograms ( pounds)
  • Total — 533 kilograms (1,175.1 pounds)

In an Instagram post sharing his new raw IPF world record, LaFlamme shared that he initially intended to set IPF squat world records in the 83-kilogram and 93-kilogram weight classes via two international contests in 2020.

However, due to cancellations caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, LaFlamme had to wait two years to complete his goal, but he has completed it.


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According to Open Powerlifting, LaFlamme made his competitive powerlifting debut in 1978 at the AAU Maine State Powerlift Championship at age 27. Since then, he has appeared in 45 meets and reached the podium in all but 12. Since 2018, he has not finished lower than third overall.

Of his 46 sanctioned meet appearances, LaFlamme took home the gold from 27 of them — a 59-percent win rate.

Featured image: @johnlaflamme83kg on Instagram