Watch 2019 USAPL -93kg National Champion Jonathan Cayco Squat 700lb

His nickname is Mr. Bench but his squat is no joke!

Jonathan Cayco had a super impressive 2019. He won both the USA Powerlifting (USAPL) California State Championships and the USAPL Raw Nationals in the -93kg weight class. During his gold winning nationals performance, he set two American records for bench press (231kg/509lb and total 868.5kg/1914 lbs), the latter of which also set an unofficial world record total.

Cayco is already looking to have a bigger year in 2020 and is showing off some of the progress he has made in the gym. Although it may be confusing to watch “Mr. Bench” with the barbell across his shoulders rather than his chest, check out this staggering 317.5kg (700lb) squat during training from his Instagram page:

His body weight at the time of this squat is a mystery, but for context this 700lb squat is nearly three and a half times his competition body weight and 13.5kg (29.7lb) under the current International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world record. This was also a loaded training day for Cayco who writes in the post: 

“Nice lil’ 2014 lbs / 913.5 kg Gym Total.”

Yeah, you know, just casually unofficially shattering the unofficial world record total he set just three months ago by 45kg (99lb).

Yes this is a gym total so it is obviously not the same, but it is a fairly large indicator of what Cayco will be capable of at this next meet, which he is already quite hyped for:

“2020 IPF WORLDS!!!”

Here is Cayco working a paused squat just three days earlier with 287.5kg (635lb) on his back:

Can Cayco further advance the current American records? Maybe claim a world record? After all, his bench press is just 1.6kg (3.5lb) under Dennis Cieri’s current IPF world record and Cayco has proven he has what it takes. Will he put up a 907kg (2,000lb) total in competition this year? There is a lot to look forward to this year, and as Cayco consistently says throughout his Instagram posts:

“Let’s Fight!!”

Feature image from Jonathan Cayco’s Instagram page: @league_of_lifting