Check Out Jujimufu and Joey Szatmary Train the Bazooka Deadlift

Jujimufu attempted a world record of the obscure movement in training.

It seems like there is always another obscure lift Jujimufu (real name Jon Call) finds to attempt in the gym and share on YouTube.

On June 26, 2022, Jujimufu teamed up with strongman Joey Szatmary to try their hands at the bazooka deadlift — a unique movement that has you deadlift and clean a loaded barbell from between your legs to your shoulders. The final position with the barbell on the shoulder looks like the lifter is holding a bazooka. Much of the bazooka deadlift is about leverage, but the initial lift is reminiscent of a Jefferson deadlift, though both hands remain in front of the body. The hip extension to move the barbell to the shoulder appears similar to how a strongman might load an Atlas Stone as the hip hinge moves into hip extension.

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High energy chaos blasts through the video’s opening sequence before stilling on Jujimufu and Szatmary enjoying some Bazooka bubble gum for the pun before hitting the title lift of the video. Neither athlete had seen a bazooka lift before the inspiration to film this video together, but it made the rounds on the internet. Apparently, a 275-pound bazooka lift by powerlifter Daniel Ryjov was stated in the video as the current world record.

Since the bazooka lift is not a sanctioned competition lift, there isn’t necessarily a “correct” way to do it. Ryjov’s world record shows him hitching several times to secure the barbell to his shoulder, suggesting that if it were to be in any competitive strength sport, it would be strongman. When discussing what would count as a good lift, Jujimufu and Szatmary agree to have the barbell in the final position and the opposite arm extended outward to display full control.

We are off the map right now.

Both men did some warm-up reps to get a feel for the movement before making the first attempt at 125 pounds. Jujimufu went first and hit it successfully, learning that the best way to ditch the weight is to the side while side-stepping in the opposite direction. Both athletes wore lifting belts for all their lifts. Szatmary lifted to his left shoulder while Jujimufu lifted to his right.


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Jujimufu managed to lock out 165 pounds without too much difficulty. Szatmary matched it, and it appeared that both lifters were comfortable safely dumping heavier weight. Szatmary isolated the most challenging part of the lift to be the spot where the barbell has to rotate mid-clean to land on the shoulder — it places a lot of stress on the shoulders, and bracing sufficiently to balance that added pressure is essential.

The 185-pound lift went smoothly for Jujimufu, who was getting more confident as he moved up in weight. Szatmary again matched the weight and threw in a squat for good measure.

We’re talking bazooka squats now.

Jujimufu’s 205-pound lift was as clean as the two previous lifts, and it was buttery for Szatmary. Jujimufu locked out 225-pounds, roaring through the lift. Szatmary got his hands mixed up, and the lift turned into a weird clean & press variant, though still successfully getting the weight up.

The 280-pound lift was Jujimufu’s first failed attempt. Likewise, Szatmary struggled to clear the weight plates on the backside of the barbell through his legs. A second attempt by Jujimufu was closer but still not quite there.

Both guys felt tightness in their biceps and decided it was safer to bow out without the world record in hand. Although neither athlete exceeded 225 pounds, they announced themselves in the hunt for the bazooka lift world record in the future.

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