Larry Wheels Deadlifts 745 Pounds Raw For 11 Reps For a Turbo-Charged PR

Wheels grabbed some figure-eight straps and got to work in the gym.

Hitting new personal records in the gym is not uncommon for powerlifter, strongman, bodybuilder Larry Wheels. Successfully locking out absurdly heavy lifts that raise onlookers’ eyebrows is also fairly commonplace for him. That was the case when he posted a video to his Instagram page of a particular PR that taps into the imagination of what’s possible in training.

On Jan. 24, 2022, Wheels shared a video wherein he deadlifted 337.9 kilograms (745 pounds) raw for a whopping 11 reps in 29 seconds. He used a weightlifting belt and figure-eight straps (a piece of equipment more commonly seen in strongman to remove grip as a limiting factor) and cycled through the first nine reps with speed. He slowed down somewhat on the final two reps but still locked them out. Check out the full set below:


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In Wheels’ caption on his Instagram post, he lists the weight as “745/340kg.” However, 340 kilograms weigh 749.6 pounds. The video appears to confirm that the barbell is loaded with seven 45-pound weight plates and a single 35-pound plate on each barbell sleeve. Adding all that up plus the weight of a standard 45-pound barbell is precisely 745 pounds.

Wheels managed to lock that weight out 11 times in a conventional stance. Although a few slight hitches might get called in a competition as a no-rep, the sheer volume lifted in this set is impressive. The total weight lifted with all 11 reps combined is 3,717.2 kilograms (8,195 pounds). The previous time Wheels posted a deadlift set in a range this heavy with a high rep count was in November 2021 — he lifted 347 kilograms (765 pounds) unbroken.

This latest PR matches Wheels’ recent programming in the gym, which seems to focus on higher reps. In December 2021, he lifted 111.1 kilograms (245 pounds) of seated EZ-bar biceps curls for four reps. He successfully shoulder-pressed 85-kilogram (187.4-pound) dumbbells for six reps a month before that. He bench pressed 265.4 kilograms (585 pounds) for four reps that same month. In October, he trained with bodybuilder Regan Grimes and incline pressed a pair of 63.5-kilogram (140-pound) dumbbells for 17 reps.

A Heavy 2022

Whenever Wheels decides to appear in a sanctioned powerlifting meet again, he will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with, judging from his last several months of training. With the weight he’s pulling and his connection to 2018 World’s Strongest Man champion Hafthor Björnsson, perhaps he might test his hand in a strongman contest. The only thing that seems inevitable is 2022 will be a year of big lifts for Wheels.

Featured image: @larrywheels on Instagram