Luke Nall Bench Presses Massive 675lb at 24 Years Old

Nall is early in his career but is already lifting as heavy as some of the best in the world.

Luke Nall is a 24-year-old powerlifter from Bloomington, Illinois who has so far only competed in two sanctioned events, both in the 140+kg weight class at the age of 23. In his debut at the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Bar Wars on May 4, 2019, Nall took the gold with the following stats:

  • Squat — 402.5kg/887lb
  • Bench Press — 282.5kg/623lb
  • Deadlift — 350kg/772lb
  • Total — 1,035kg/2,282lb

In a recent post he shared on his Instagram page of a training session, Nall hit three haw dropping bench presses: 283.5kg/625lb, 295kg/650lb, and 306kg/675lb. All of them exceeded his competition best bench press of 271.5kg/598.5lb. Check all of them out below courtesy of Nall’s Instagram page:

Note: the lifts are posted from heaviest weight to lightest weight.


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Nall incorporates a lot of variety when training his chest to better build his bench press, including incline bench press, floor press, and close-grip bench press.

Last week, he hit a 272kg/600lb floor press, the week prior he knocked out a 265kg/585lb close-grip bench press, and the week before that he shared a PR: a 227kg/500lb incline bench press triple. Check out that insane set below from his Instagram page:


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With Nall inching dangerously close to a milestone 700lb bench press at such a young age, his competitive career could eventually be in the conversation to chase Julius Maddox, who currently holds the all-time bench press world record of 349kg/770lb. For more context on how heavy a 317.5kg/700lb press is, 4-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw is currently training to hit a 318kg/701lb bench press.

It will be interesting to see Nall’s progression over the next couple of years. It’s still early, but his competitive trajectory looks quite promising.

Feature image via Luke Nall’s Instagram page: @lukenall56