Check Out Mattie Rogers Hit a Huge 110kg/242.5lb Snatch

Moving up to the -76kg weight class is accompanied with some massive lifts.

Over the weekend, Team USA member Mattie Rogers competed at Camargo Oly Concepts’ The Praelium — a local meet in Altamonte Springs, Florida. At the event, she went 5 for 6 including a successful competition best 110kg/242.5lb snatch weighing 77.1kg. Here were her stats from the competition:

  • Snatch — 110kg/242.5lb
  • Clean & Jerk — 135kg/297.6lb
  • Total — 245kg/540lb

Her one missed attempt was what she called a “f*ck it” clean & jerk attempt of 140kg/308.6lb. If you have not yet had the opportunity to see her heaviest snatch on that day, you can check it out below courtesy of Rogers’ Instagram page:


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Rogers has been building up to this massive snatch and hit it in training a month ago. She shared a training session to her Instagram and her YouTube channel on July 10th that included her build to 110kg/242.5lb at 76.9kg bodyweight. See that whole video below.


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Taking a look at her clean & jerk from The Praelium, it was a pretty good showing for the 3-time Pan American silver medalist who admitted to having only done one clean & jerk above 130kg/286.6lb in the last six or so months.


Her bodyweight during the competition was the result eating three meals that day and doing a lifting session the night prior. She mentioned that she will have to focus on getting into shape because she was fatigued by the clean & jerks.

DEFINITELY have some getting into shape to do for when the real comps come, but this is a nice place to start.

Rogers shared her concerns surrounding the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games when it was first announced saying:

It’s something I’ve dedicated every second of my existence to for the last 7 years, all for one day of competition.

Featured image from Mattie Rogers Instagram page: @mattiecakesssss