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Welcome back! Today’s edition is brought to you by Qualia Mind, premium athletic brain fuel for willpower, energy, focus, and determination. 

We rolled up our sleeves and put together a list of the best movie workout montages EVER. Get your popcorn ready.

What’s the biggest innovation in powerlifting history? One professor argues computers are right up there with bench shirts and sumo deadlifts.

Plus: Which legendary bodybuilders do you want to see compete again? Because we might just be approaching that scenario


9 Nostalgic And Motivating Workout Montages

Best Workout Montages
Image: @creedmovie on Instagram

There are a few things that Hollywood just never seems to get right. Telephone etiquette, computer “hacking” and, perhaps chief among the most commonly-defiled actions to grace the silver screen, exercise and weight training

A montage is a collection of chronologically disjointed — but thematically similar — scenes or sequences spliced together. Montages typically showcase a long series of events quickly as a character prepares for battle, practices a skill, or simply suffers the passage of time.

Perhaps most importantly, the right workout montage can stir your heart, get you hyped, and remind you why you go to the gym in the first place — even if you aren’t getting ready for the fight of your life or testing the limits of your newfound superpowers. 

These are some of the best training montages ever put to film.



The Digital Lifting Revolution

man performing powerlifting squat
Image: Credit: sportpoint / Shutterstock

How do you plan your workouts? It’s a simple question, but one which begets a variety of answers. Some individuals may train by instinct, others rely on personal trainers to do the planning for them. A growing number of recreational lifters and professional coaches alike rely on smartphone apps to produce complicated workout programs on their behalf.

Since the late 2000s, smartphones have transformed the way people train by making it easier than ever to take advantage of complicated training programs to increase their strength or build new muscle. Complicated strength programs were once the province of elite weightlifters and powerlifters. Computers have opened the inner workings of the strength world to the masses. 

To understand how the internet has widened the availability of previously-inaccessible knowledge, you have to take things back. Way back.

Here’s how the digital age transformed powerlifting into the sport millions know and love today.


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10 Competitors We Want In The Masters Olympia Reboot

Bodybuilders David Henry and Kai Greene hitting a most muscular pose
Image: Kai Greene and David Henry

One of the most discussed topics in the early portion of the bodybuilding season has been the potential return of the Masters Olympia competition. Ever since Olympia owner Jake Wood teased the return of the contest back, fans have been buzzing about seeing some of their favorite competitors return to the stage for a posedown. Athletes have also been talking about putting the trunks on one more time for a shot at bodybuilding glory.

To be absolutely clear, nothing official has been decided at this point regarding the return of this contest. There has only been conjecture and discussion, but since the topic is being widely discussed, the question has come up about who could potentially compete if the contest returns in 2023.

Check out the list of bodybuilding legends we’d love to see compete again.



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