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Monday, we meet again. Let’s get to it. 

Brian Shaw is on a mission and he’s bringing all his strong friends. You can join him via his YouTube channel…and you should. 

Mat Fraser is keeping himself busy, real busy, these days. His latest venture? It’s a “very peculiar training philosophy.”

And if you’re looking for more proof of your hard work in the gym, make sure you are lining up your training with your “structure.” (Don’t worry, we explain what that means!) 

Get yourself lined up for the week with today’s edition of the BarBend Newsletter. 


Brian Shaw Is On a Mission

Boudreault and Belliveau
Image: @max.boudreault23 on Instagram

Four-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Brian Shaw is on a mission to win a record-tying fifth WSM title at the 2022 WSM contest, scheduled for May 24-29 in Sacramento, CA.

On his YouTube channel that airs videos to his 1.73 million subscribers, Shaw started an unannounced series where he invites elite strongmen and strongwomen to his gym in Colorado for various training sessions.

Since hiring Joe Kenn for his strength training program, Shaw has trained alongside Gabriel Peña and Jerry Pritchett (each for deadlift training), Kevin Faires for overhead training, and even four-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler.

On April 14, 2022, Shaw continued that unnamed series by inviting 2021 WSM bronze medalist Maxime Boudreault and 2022 U82 Arnold Amateur Strongwoman World Champion and 2021 Canada’s Strongest Woman Samantha Belliveau to train press accessories with a focus on the bench press.

Check it out. 



Fittest Man in the Apocalypse?

Mat Fraser
Image: courtesy of Barrett Dennison, Nashville Dads Club.

Mat Fraser has been busy since he retired from the CrossFit Games. Real busy. 

The all-time winningest individual male CrossFit athlete is now a coach via his Hard Work Pays Off (HWPO) programming, with elite athletes like 2022 CrossFit Open winner Mal O’Brien under his tutelage.

And now, he’s making training videos with Nashville Dads Club on how to train for the apocalypse. Fraser met up with Phillip Cordell, Rashad Rayford, and Dean Shortland at CrossFit Rising Sun in East Nashville, TN, to share his “very peculiar training philosophy.” 

Are YOU ready?


Line It Up

Line up structure
Image: Shutterstock/martvisionlk

If you’ve spent any amount of time at the gym, you’ve probably noticed people performing exercises with improper form. Perhaps their grip is too wide on the lat pulldown to target their lats effectively, or someone’s back is excessively rounded during Romanian deadlifts.

Sound familiar?

While your form might be correct, you are likely not maximizing your potential if you’re not lining up your lifts with your structure. Lining up your structure is a simple concept: set up exercises such that you move through your full range of motion (ROM), which will allow you to maximize gains.

Accurately lining up your structure while training not only has the potential to increase your strength by training through full ROM but can also help avoid injury or applying excess stress to your joints.

Let’s dive into some examples and get this quick and dirty anatomy lesson to catapult your future gains.



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