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It’s the weekend, baby! Today’s edition is brought to you by Future, a unique digital fitness coaching service. 

Fergus Crawley, the hybrid athlete known for stretching the limits of performance, has just completed a lifelong dream: lifting the 730+ pound Dinnie Stones.

Eddie Hall made good on his promise to Hafthor Bjornsson, getting a tattoo dedicated to Bjornsson on his foot. 

And speaking of promises, remember when you promised that you’d have a stronger core this summer? Well, let’s get to it.


Fergus Crawley Lifts the Dinnie Stones

Fergus Crawley
Image: @ferguscrawley on Instagram

On April 20, 2022, hybrid athlete Fergus Crawley became the 184th human to successfully lift the Dinnie Stones — the legendary pair of Scottish stones in Potarch, Aberdeenshire.

The Dinnie Stones are two unevenly weighted stones that strength athletes attempt to lift via a Jefferson deadlift and hold for as long as possible, or farmers carry them for distance. The current world record is held by strongman Kevin Faires from the 2022 Rogue Record Breakers event and was formerly held by 2016 Europe’s Strongest Man (ESM) Laurence Shahlaei.

“Very pleased to have joined the small list of successful lifters.”

The larger of the Dinnie Stones weighs just over 188 kilograms (414.5 lbs), and the smaller one is slightly heavier than 144 kilograms (317.5 kg) for a total of approximately 332 kgs (731.9 lbs).

Watch the hybrid athlete — known for his extreme feats — lift the stones.



Eddie Hall Fulfills His Boxing Promise

Eddie Hall
Image: @eddiehallwsm on Instagram

One month after 2018 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Hafthor Björnsson defeated 2017 WSM champion Eddie Hall in their boxing match; Hall finally paid one of his debts from losing the fight by getting a tattoo dedicated to Björnsson.

Hall and Björnsson wagered the loser of their bout would get a tattoo of the other’s name with the WSM moniker. Hall’s new tattoo reads:

World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

The exact date that Hall got the tattoo isn’t clear, but he posted the video of it being finished on his YouTube channel on Apr. 20, 2022. The tattoo was applied to the inner side of Hall’s left foot.

Check out Hall’s new tattoo.


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The Best Way to Tackle Ab Day

bodybuilding ab workout
Image: Jasminko Ibrakovic / Shutterstock

There are two warring factions that constantly struggle to claim dominance over the core training conversation, even in bodybuilding. 

The “squats are all you need” crowd, whose ethos is based on big compound movements being the endgame of exercise — and the “isolate everything” people, who would not dream of going through an ab workout with any less than four variations of the sit-up to ensure optimal abdominal development.

If you’re after a rock-solid midsection that looks good on the beach, or you’re prepping for your first appearance on the bodybuilding stage, you can’t have your path clouded by maybes and mysticism. 

You need core workouts that work, no matter if you’re new to the gym or are a seasoned veteran. So, here are three different ways to tackle your next ab day, tuned just right for your experience level. 



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