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Greetings, strength lovers. We’re glad you’re here. Today’s edition is brought to you by Qualia Nootropic Energy, premium athletic brain fuel for willpower, focus, and clean energy. 

Kate Nye is gunning for the 2024 Olympic Games, hitting a new squat PR at home over the weekend.

With the news that Janet Layug is set to take the Olympia stage again this year, we made a list of every winner of the Bikini Olympia.

And here is why we want to make sure you know that “spot fat reduction” is a myth. (We know, it’s a cryings shame.)


Kate Nye Squats a New PR

Kate Nye Back Squat 186KG
Image: @katherineenye on Instagram

On April 22, Team USA weightlifter Kate Nye posted a new personal best result in the back squat to social media — 186 kgs or 410.06 lbs at a bodyweight of roughly 72 kgs/158.7 lbs.

In the summer of 2021, Nye reached a career high when she won a silver medal for the United States during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan as a 76-kilogram athlete. With the International Olympic Committee (IOC) having confirmed both the qualification system and their Olympic weight classes for the 2024 Games, Nye is clearly making early strides towards ensuring another stellar performance in Paris.

Nye’s 186-kilogram lift also ranks pretty highly among powerlifters. According to Open Powerlifting, her lift would be the eighth-heaviest raw back squat by a Junior female in history at or around the 76-kilogram weight class.

Check out her new PR and increasingly awesome leg strength. 



Every Winner of the Bikini Olympia

Three Bikini Olympia champions posing on stage
Image: @nathaliamelofit, @janetlayug, @jenniferdorie_ifbbpro on Instagram

It’s hard to imagine Olympia weekend without the now-famous Bikini Division, which rewards beauty, poise, and intense muscular conditioning in women. But before 2010, women’s competitors had three divisions to compete in — Bodybuilding, Figure, and Fitness.

To broaden the competitive pool and create a broader range of physiques, the Olympia introduced the Bikini Division in 2010. Twelve years later, it’s one of the most popular divisions in the sport; 35 women stood on stage at the Orlando Convention Center for the 2021 Olympia, more than any other division.

Nine women have stood on the stage as the champion, with only two having won it more than once.

Here’s a look back at every winner over the contest’s history.


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The Truth About Spot Fat Reduction

A person wears a long-sleeved shirt while performing decline sit-ups.
Image: Credit: IZE-5tyle / Shutterstock

You do everything your coach tells you to do. You’re working out three or four times a week; you’re going on long walks on your active recovery days; you’re actually eating fruit and veggies every single day. And still… there’s that one part of your body that you flinch at when you glance in a mirror.

It’s not surprising that many people want to change their “problem” areas when body image issues are so common throughout society. How could you not feel some kind of way about your body after scrolling through carefully-manipulated images on Instagram and checking out the bodies of people whose entire career is training?

But if you’ve stumbled on the pervasive idea of “spot fat reduction” as a way to get rid of your belly fat, you might want to think again.

Of all the fat loss myths out there, spot fat reduction — or just spot reduction — persists as chief among them. Science says it just doesn’t work like that, but athletes still hope it will. Figuring out exactly what the idea behind spot fat reduction is — and learning why it is a myth — can help you adjust your training to actually help get your body closer to where you want it to be.



What's New?

Bodybuilder Breon Ansley posing with his arms outstretched to his sides
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