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Sept 25th, 2020 Read in Browser

Buckle up! It’s Friday, friends. Here we go…

It seems like every strength athlete out there right now is eating those Wheaties because man alive we got some big lifts for you.

We got Lasha Talakhadze snatching the heaviest weight ever caught on film, Jen Thompson raw benching 330 pounds, some casual 300 pound push presses from Charles McDonald, and…and…and… Really, the lifts this week were INSANE.

But wait! There’s more.

David Tao breaks down why Mat Fraser might just be unbeatable this season, and we share what “Athlete of All Trades” Martin Licis is up to this week. 

Here’s what you should know about strong people today.



Lasha Talakhadze 222

At a national competition last weekend, Georgian superheavy weightlifter Lasha Talakhadze completed a series of four snatches that culminated in a 222kg/489 pounds lift — the heaviest snatch ever recorded on film, and the heaviest confirmed snatch made in the history of the sport. (Mind. Blown.)

Talakhadze’s recent lift is 2kg over his official world record, which he first hit in international competition in 2017.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021, Talakhadze has an entire calendar year to continue to train, and train he will.




Mat Fraser CrossFit Games

Four-time defending Reebok CrossFit Games Champion Mat Fraser absolutely DOMINATED Stage 1 of this year’s CrossFit Games, taking four event wins on his way to a convincing first seed finish heading into the Finals in Aromas, California.

Our very own David Tao broke down his dominant performance in Stage One of the CrossFit Games and gave his predictions for the field heading into the Finals.

If you’re a numbers kind of person (math is sometimes hard, man) this one’s for you. 




Martins Licis Army Obstacle Course
Image: Martin Licis Instagram

Martins Licis, the 2019 World’s Strongest Man, is doing all things…..

except preparing for World’s Strong Man 2020

But he’s for sure not sitting around eating bonbons. Homeslice just took on the 5th Army Special Forces Obstacle Course at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Sounds fun. A cute little obstacle course.

Wellllllll, the thing is the obstacle course is traditionally ran by a male that is 28-39 years old, 6 feet 3 inches tall, and is 217 pounds.

The 29 year old Licis attempted to complete the course at a weight of 335 pounds. 

One of them – Licis or the course – doesn’t stand a chance. 




Jen Thompson 330-Pound Raw Bench Press
  • Grow them calves. If anyone knows about calves, it’s world record holding powerlifter and doctor of physical therapy Stefi Cohen. You too can know more about calves, a la Stefi Cohen.
  • You gotta bench, bro. World Classic Bench Press Champion Jen Thompson bench-pressed 330 pounds, raw.
  • One big stone. This Sunday, make sure you catch Tom Stoltman and Donna Moore attempt atlas stone world records, which will be live streamed Sunday 12:00 p.m. EST / 5:00 p.m. GMT.
  • Powerlifter and CrossFit athlete Charles McDonald reps out “a bunch of” 300 pound push press singles. Super casual like.
  • Garrett Fear, owner of Indy City Barbell, reps out a 804 pound deadlift with that super clean side angle. 
  • CrossFit athlete Mikaela Norman gets her well-earned 220 pound clean.