Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence Hits Deadlift Triples of 218kg for 4 Sets

It’s been a little over a month since we covered one of junior powerlifter Amanda Lawrence’s big lifts or sets. When athletes think “PR”, a lot of the times the thoughts go directly towards 1-RM max sets and volume PRs take a backset, but that’s not to say volume PRs are not equally impressive.

And speaking of volume PRs, insert Minnesota based junior powerlifter Amanda Lawrence who’s known for moving big weight, especially for multiple sets. In her latest Instagram video below, Lawrence hits a volume PR with four triples at 218kg (480 lbs) for deadlift.

On her Instagram video’s description she writes, “Volume PR! This was my last set of a 4×3 @ 480lbs (218kg). This wasn’t my best set, but the only one I got on video. 455lbs felt heavy warming up lolololz. Thanks for the help @calvinator_mn! BW: 187.6lbs (85.1kg).” 

In mid-June, Lawrence competed at the USA Powerlifting Med City Open and squatted an unofficial IPF world record of 225kg (495 lb). She concluded her strong meet with a 552.5kg (1,128 lb) total composed of a 100kg (220 lb) bench press and a 227.5kg deadlift (501 lb), and of course the unofficial world record squat.

Currently, Lawrence is about 8-9 weeks out from her next meet which will be USAPL Raw Nationals in Spokane, Washington on October 14th. After her big meet in mid-June, we were curious what Lawrence’s goals were for Nationals.

Lawrence told us, “My goal for squat is to finally hit 500+lbs in a meet to break the American -84kg Open record. I hit 496 lbs at my last meet, so we’ll see just how much more I can add to that.

As for bench, I haven’t performed on that as well as I would’ve like to in my last few meets. I’d be happy to see hit 250 lbs or so on that. I’ve been working a lot on bench this prep (changing technique/form, etc), and it seems to be working. 

For deadlift, I hit 501 lbs at my last meet. My ultimate goal is to hit a 3x BW pull, which would be 555 lbs. However, I’m not sure how long that’ll take to get there. I’ve been having the most progress with deadlift so far this prep, so we’ll see what kind of number I’ll be able to put up in Spokane. Things are looking good right now. I haven’t hit a 500 Wilks yet (I’m sitting at 494 right now), so that’s a big goal of mine right now.”

Every time Lawrence competes she’s getting closer and closer to knocking down more records. Will she hit more PRs and records at her next meet? Time will tell.

Feature image from @miss_amanda_ann Instagram page.