Powerlifter Josh Gregory Deadlifts 344kg/760lb for a Smooth Triple

Gregory makes lifting heavy look easy.

Powerlifter Josh Gregory somehow flies under the radar despite an exceptional competitive record and ability to pull a large number of plates off the floor with relative ease. The 25 year old, who currently competes in the -140kg weight class, has been in the competitive scene for about five years and has appeared in eleven meets. Of those eleven events, he has stood atop the podium in ten of them. The outlier being a lone runner-up finish at Boss of Bosses 6 in August of 2019 to Hybrid Performance Method coach Marcus Leoni.

However, that blemish on Gregory’s record comes with a notable detail. For his last two meets, of which his silver finish was one of, Gregory competed in the -140kg class but had a bodyweight that was much closer to the -125kg class. At his most recent win at Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) Winter Warfare, Gregory weighed in at 285lb, a full 23lb less than the 308lb limit. He was a full pound less than that at Boss of Bosses 6.

According to his most recent post on Instagram, Gregory is looking to make a comeback to the -125kg class and is looking quite strong. Check out this 344kg/760lb triple that looks just breezy for Gregory:



Gregory’s competition best total is 977kg/2,155lb at RPS Winter Warfare. For his next competition — the Kern US Open — he is building up to hit a 998kg/2,200lb total. In order to get there, he seems to be revolving his training around three by three sets — a top set triple of a heavy weight followed by a back off set triple with a lighter weight.

Here is Gregory from a week ago doing another three by three deadlift session with a top set of 335kg/738.5lb.


We look forward to watching Gregory attempt the 998kg/2,200lb milestone at at the Kern US Open.

Feature image from Josh Gregory’s Instagram page: @joshgregory33