Powerlifter Zac Meyers Sets Unofficial All-Time Raw World Record Total of 1,053 kilograms (2,321.4 pounds)

Meyers bests Larry Wheel's world record by 21.1 kilograms (46.5 pounds).

Many powerlifting meets in 2020 were either postponed or canceled, but with all the records being broken as of late — it sure doesn’t feel that way. The most recent record-breaker — though unofficial since the meet wasn’t set at an international meet — is powerlifter Zac Meyers. The 125-kilogram lifter posted a new unofficial all-time raw world record total of 1,053 kilograms (2,321.4 pounds) at the 2020 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) No Luck Needed Open on Dec. 12, 2020.

He now joins an elite club of very strong humans who have set various records in the final three months of 2020:

Phew! Check out Meyers’ massive squat attempts courtesy of the video below via his Instagram page:


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No Luck Needed Open

Here were Meyers’ stats from the No Luck Needed Open where he went a perfect nine for nine:

  • Squat — 403 kilograms (888.4 pounds)
  • Bench Press — 272.5 kilograms (600.7 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 377.5 kilograms (832.2 pounds)
  • Total — 1,053 kilograms (2,321.4 pounds)

In addition to his new unofficial world record raw total, both the squat and deadlift were competition bests for the 26-year-old Meyers. Since making his competitive debut at the 2015 USPA Power for a Purpose Powerlifting Meet, which he won, Meyers has appeared in 11 sanctioned events according to Open Powerlifting. Of those 11 events, Meyers won nine of them. 

Feature image from Zac Meyers Instagram page: @thehulkmeyers