Check Out Quinton Eriya and Steve Didoshak Crush Chest Day In Sin City

The duo flew to Vegas to guest pose at Mark Anthony's High Roller Royale and train chest at The Dragon’s Lair.

IFBB Pro bodybuilders Steve Didoshak and Quinton Eriya got together in Vegas for a chest workout at The Dragon’s Lair gym. The session was captured on camera and posted to JayCutlerTV on YouTube on Sept. 16, 2022.

When you look this good, you’ve got to show it off.

The duo performed their chest session after guest posing at Mark Anthony’s Inaugural NPC High Roller Royale. Check it out below:

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Pec Deck Flyes & Upright Flat Hammer Press

Didoshak and Eriya started their workout with a warm-up of pec deck flyes to properly lubricate the joints and get some fresh blood into the muscle. They focused on slow, controlled reps, squeezing a the top of the movement and allowing for a full stretch at the bottom.

The flat hammer press for their first compound movement, starting with two 45-pound weight plates on each side, focusing on controlled reps, and working their way up to five 45-pound plates on each side. Then, they transitioned into drop sets to achieve some additional reps


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Low Cable Crosses

Eriya performed an isolation movement via low cable crosses in the cable station, emphasizing the entire stretch at the bottom as well as a hard squeeze at the top. Both Eriya and Didoshak were scoring heavy chest pumps.

Cable movements allow for more time under tension as opposed to dumbbell variations since the resistance of the cable stack is maintained throughout the range of motion. 

Superset: Hammer Press & Flat Machine Flyes

Both bodybuilders finished their high-intensity chest session with a high-volume superset utilizing another flat hammer press variation. For this, they set up a slightly different line of pull. Eriya and Didoshak superset the hammer presses with a plate-loaded flat flye machine to burn out the muscle fibers. Supersets allow for a more efficient workout.


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Posing & Wrap Up

Below is each movement Eriya and Didoshack performed during their chest workout:

  • Pec Deck Flyes
  • Upright Flat Hammer Press
  • Low Cable Crosses
  • Superset: Flat Hammer Press and Flat Machine Flyes

Didoshak went pro in December 2021 and jumped into the 2021 Toronto Pro Supershow, placing fourth in the 212 division. In 2022, he entered the 2022 Tampa Pro and ranked eighth overall. Eriya, a recent pro, is unsure of his competition timeline for 2023 but intends to compete. Per NPC News Online, he last competed in the 2020 New York Pro, ranking eighth in the Men’s Open.

Featured image: @quintbeastwood and @sdidoshak on Instagram