Reddit User Solves Our Bumper Plate Math Problems

For those of us who are a little, uh, special when it comes to math and bumper plates, Reddit user “suppersam” came to the rescue. As if we needed further proof that the internet solves all our problems, suppersam’s new website allows users to input the total weight they want on the bar and then tells the user what breakdown of plates is needed. Gone are the days where you miscalculated the number of weight on the bar, mistook a 10 for a 15, or just generally got confused.


Going for a 445 deadlift PR? You’ll need 4 sets of 45lb, 1 set of 15lb, and 1 set of 5 pounds. Maybe you’re going for 87% of your 210lb jerk max? WhatPlate has you covered on both your percentage (183lb) and your breakdown (1 set of 45lb, 1 set of 15lb, 1 set of 5lbs, and 1 set of 2.5lb).


Suppersam has already anticipated your issues and questions. The website allows the user to pick either a training bar, women’s bar, or a men’s bar, and also lets the user toggle the type of weights available. Are all the 10lb bumper plates at your gym destroyed because of newbies dropping the bar from over head? No matter, just toggle off the 10lb plate option and WhatPlates will adjust.  WhatPlates will also round up so those 227lb cleans automatically become 230lb.

Bumper Plates

Suppersam created this website out of the goodness of his/her own heart, so don’t get all whiny if it’s a little buggy or does’t have a feature you want. Kilo plates calculations are likely coming soon, as well as a lb to kilo converter.

And for those of you who are out there saying, “Do you even lift, bro? Adding up the weights isn’t that hard.” Duh, obviously it’s not advanced calculus. But, we work hard every day and we’re grateful for a little mental rest during max effort back squats. Thanks, u/suppersam!