Watch Powerlifters Russel Orhii and Amanda Lawerence Have an Epic Leg Day

Check out two powerlifting titans working out together.

Whenever two International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world champions and world record holders train legs together, you know it’s going to be epic. Over the weekend, powerlifters Russel Orhii (-83kg), and Amanda Lawrence (-84kg) met up in Texas to have a seriously heavy leg session.

Lawrence finished her day hitting a top set triple with 238kg/525 lbs and Orhii smoked a set of four with 294kg/650 lbs. For USAPL fans, late August through early October are typically exciting months because top athletes are starting to peak for USAPL Raw Nationals and training PRs fall on a weekly basis. This year, USAPL Raw Nationals kick off on October 16th in Lombard, Illinois.

At the 2018 USAPL Raw Nationals meet, Lawrence took home second place behind Daniella Melo, and Orhii took first in a commanding fashion. After taking home first place finishes at the 2019 IPF World Classic World Championships this past June, Lawrence and Orhii are motivated than ever to stay on the top, as evident by their latest string of PRs.

In Lawrence’s Instagram video’s description she writes, Danggg, when you’re squatting with [Russel Orhii] and he’s hitting 650lbs for a set of 4, you know you gotta to be steppin’ your game up! My leg is good and I’m feelin’ like I’m fricken back!

  • 238.1kg/525lbs 1×3
  • 233.6kg/515lbs 2×3
  •  226.8kg/500lbs 1×3

On top of Lawrence’s top triple, Orhii smoked yet another volume PR with his 294kg/650 lb set of four, and this is only one week after squatting a massive 306kg/675 lb triple.

As mentioned above, both Orhii and Lawrence took home first place finishes at this year’s IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. Orhii put on a world record setting performance where he totaled 833kg/1836.45 lbs, and Lawrence closely edged out Melo for the win after setting three world records herself (squat, deadlift, and total).

We’re about eight weeks out from USAPL Raw Nationals, and we’re confident we’ll be seeing more PRs fall from these two athletes in the weeks to come.

Featured image from @miss.amanda.ann and @russwole Instagram pages.