Watch Powerlifter Samantha Eugenie (-63kg) Deadlift a 210kg PR

The 17 year old phenom is going big in 2020.

Samantha Eugenie is the type of powerlifter who comes into the sport, takes what is believed to be unrealistic, and upends it all. The 17 year old Eugenie of France came onto the scene in 2019 and made it known that she would be a force. She won gold at both the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships and the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Classic Championships in the -63kg weight class for the sub-juniors division.

Eugenie may be young, but she is by no means a stranger to pulling ridiculously heavy weights. Check out this colossal 210kg/463lb deadlift that she shared on her Instagram page:

First things first, we should note that Eugenie weighed 63kg/138lb at the time of this lift making this new personal record is well over three times her bodyweight. Secondly, this lift did not look even remotely difficult for her. Thirdly, it is staggering that this PR came just two months after the 2019 EPF European Classic Championships, where Eugenie pulled a 190kg/418.8lb deadlift, setting an IPF sub-junior world record, at the same weight. For those doing not doing the math, her new PR is a full 20kg/44lb jump from the heaviest ever IPF deadlift in the sub-junior -63kg weight class.

Safe to say we should have seen it coming. One month ago, Eugenie posted an massive 200kg/441lb double on her Instagram page. Check it out below:

Two weeks prior to that she pulled 195kg/430lb for a double:

Notably, Eugenie is maintaining her competition bodyweight and is currently averaging a monthly increase of 10kg/22lb. It does not seem feasible to maintain this pace but Eugenie has continuously defied expectations since entering the sport.

Clearly, the training protocol in France is excelling their female powerlifters at a very rapid pace and in that regard, Eugenie is no exception. It seems like a foregone conclusion that when Eugenie competes next in 2020, the record books will receive a new entry.

Feature image from Samantha Eugenie’s Instagram page: @coeurlymonster