Watch Powerlifter Shane Nutt Pull 765lbs Raw at 185lbs Bodyweight

How many pounds at what bodyweight?! This massive pull is real. Shane Nutt might not be.

Shane Nutt just could not leave it alone. 2019 was a big year for him, we thought. He hit a new personal record and milestone accomplishment with a 317.5kg (700lbs) deadlift raw just last month.

In the last article we wrote on Nutt, we said,

We’re excited to see what massive pulls Nutt is able to accomplish in the competitive 2020 season. 

But Shane Nutt said no. Shane Nutt said absolutely not will 700lbs be the final big lift before the new decade rolls in.

Shane Nutt just strolls on in and deadlifts 347kg (765lbs) raw at 84kg (185lbs) bodyweight on the first night of Hanukkah. For context, that means his new PR is over four times his bodyweight!

Check it out:

Are we even living in a reality bound by the laws of physics anymore? At the top of the lift, Nutt himself even seems shocked by how easily he defied gravity to casually pull four times his bodyweight off the floor.

In his post, Nutt shrugged and wrote,

Wasn’t even a grind.

Oh, you weren’t? You weren’t on a grind when you shattered your previous PR in only a month’s time by 8.5%?

For those who did not get a chance to see Nutt’s previous PR, here it is. He used a mixed grip and no straps.

That was impressive then! And it was only three posts ago on Nutt’s Instagram page!

If Nutt continues to set a new PR of an 8.5% weight increase each month like he is currently, that means he should break the world raw deadlift record of 460.4kg (1,015lbs) held by Benedikt Magnússon of Iceland, in April of 2020 by 20kg (45lbs). Is that an impossible trajectory to assume the 19 year old college student from Midland University is currently thrusting himself upon?


But no longer can we expect the norm from Nutt. He has deemed that to be foolhardy.

As we await his next reality altering lift, which will probably be a ton and a half pull on Christmas morning, Nutt leaves us with this quote also from his Instagram post:

PS: don’t take this too seriously I’m just playing around.

Featured image from Shane Nutt’s Instagram page: @thedeadliftnutt