5 Strongman Competitors You Don’t Follow on Instagram (But Should)

Instagram might as well have been purpose built for the aspiring strongman/woman. Sixty second videos allow you to show off your max reps in a minute, while not long enough to show you desperately trying to catch your breath afterwards. A multitude of filters help you add that gritty look to even in the tamest of environments. Instagram has another benefit, other making you look good it lets you be a fly on the wall in the lives of the greatest strongmen and women to walk the earth.

You can witness first hand Big Z transform from the rotund world beater into the leaned out monster he is today, not to mention Eddie Hall’s outrageous gym activities all at the tap of a screen. Chances are that you’re already following and being inspired by the big names, but they’re certainly not the only ones putting out incredible content.

Without further ado here are the five best feeds your not following.  

Donna Moore

Unbelievably strong and shockingly humble is the only way to describe the World’s Strongest Woman. Without Donna Moore I genuinely doubt that the sport of Strongwoman would be what it is today. Not only is she pushing the physical limits, especially in the stones, but she is also using her training and knowledge to inspire more and more women to take up the sport.

Paul Smith

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The British amongst you are more than likely already familiar with the wunderkind that is Paul Smith. Freakishly strong and so casual about it. What’s more is he’s only 22 years old. His young age though hasn’t stopped him collecting a veritable hoard of silverware including, Britain’s Strongest Junior and England’s Strongest Man. In January next year Paul will be making his Giants Live debut at Britain’s Strongest Man, I know I won’t be alone in waiting excitedly to see how the youngster does against the veterans.

Not content with being freakishly strong, Paul also has more circus tricks up his sleeve than any strongman I know.

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Sean Demarinis

Competing in the U105kgs these days is tough. No longer is it just a last resort for smaller athletes but arguably the toughest weight category of the lot. In fact the under 105kg category is a hotbed of talent, with top calibre guys from all corners of the world pushing the bar higher and higher each year.

At the forefront of that drive is Sean, who narrowly missed out on a World title earlier this year. The 3x America’s Strongest Man (u105) though hasn’t been put off and has been hitting some phenomenal numbers lately including a 181kg log. If he continues like this he could just get that title afterall.

Terry Rady

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It was only when researching the athletes for World’s Strongest Man U90kg that I became aware of the lightweight sensation that is Terry Rady. Terry went on to win that show with relative ease, even against some incredible competition. Out of competition the American is just as impressive, take this 120kg (at 90kg BW) strict press as proof.  

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Jimmy Paquet

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At twenty three years old Jimmy has achieved more in strongman than most do in a lifetime. In this last year alone the Canadian has won a Strongman’s Champions League show, pulling 355kg for 14 reps in the process, before flying halfway across the world to compete and shine at Giants Live Sweden.