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Elephant Bar

Should An Elephant Bar Deadlift Record Count?

Rogue Fitness announced that they are putting up $50,000 to any competitors who can deadlift 500.5kg or more at the upcoming Arnold Strongman Classic. This is a clear aim at Eddie Hall’s July

Strongman Athletes On Tiny Planes

Huge Strength Athletes Vs. Tiny Airplanes

Let’s call it what it is, but as a society we’re pretty fascinated with the lives of some of the largest strongman and powerlifting athletes. I mean how can we not? It’s oddly

Strongman Eddie Hall Responds to Photoshop Claims

Strongman Eddie Hall Responds to Photoshop Claims

Yesterday, professional strongman Eddie Hall posted an Instagram video in response to last week’s claims of him photoshopping his weight loss progress. The claims came from YouTube channels where a few personalities drew

Brian Shaw Kickboxer Retaliation

10 Strength Athletes You Didn’t Realize Were in Movies

When you think about strength athletes that act, you probably think of the reigning World’s Strongest Man™ Hafthor Bjornsson’s role as The Mountain on Game of Thrones. Beyond that, well… athletes who make the leap to


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