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Brian Shaw Kickboxer Retaliation

10 Strength Athletes You Didn’t Realize Were in Movies

When you think about strength athletes that act, you probably think of the reigning World’s Strongest Man™ Hafthor Bjornsson’s role as The Mountain on Game of Thrones. Beyond that, well… athletes who make the leap to

Aleksey Lovchev Apollon axle clean and thrust

Aleksey Lovchev Hits a 200kg Axle Clean Thruster

The axle clean & thruster isn’t a move you see performed on stage very often, but Aleksey Lovchev probably just made a record in the lift. The twenty-eight-year-old Russian posted this clip of a

Watch Aleksey Lovchev Act In the Trailer for “Heavyweight”

Twenty-seven-year-old old Russian weightlifter Aleksey Lovchev is adding acting to his resume. Lovchev is currently serving a multi-year ban from international competition for testing positive for banned substances. In the meantime, he is starring in

How to Individualize Your Snatch Grip Width

Grip width can play a pivotal role in the pulling strength, overhead stability, and performance in the snatch (as well as the clean and jerk). Many coaches and athletes have relied upon common