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Benefits of Owning a Home Gym

9 Undeniable Benefits of Owning a Home Gym

Growing up, you may have or had the dream of wanting to be a garage athlete, aka someone who owns and works out in their own garage/home gym. For years, you dreamt about

Rogue Ohio Bar

How to Choose a Barbell

Let’s cut to the chase. Barbells are not cheap and buying one is a multi-year investment. They’re the gym/home gym owner’s equivalent of buying a car. Think about it. Barbells depreciate the moment

Kabuki Strength Power Bar

What Are the Different Types of Barbells?

One positive that comes along with being a strength athlete is that there’s not much equipment required to lift weights. If you lift at a commercial or private gym, then really all you’ll

Win a Werksan LionFit Barbell!

Getting strong takes hard work, dedication, sweat, and the right equipment. While you’ll have to put in the work on those first three points, BarBend and Werksan USA are here to help you

Best Home Gyms 2019

Home gym equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. For some, it’s a fully decked out garaged filled with dumbbells, barbells, and racks to support their strength goals, while others have one or


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